1st Smoke on the Old Smokey

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by new vision, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. How good can it be? I have SMOKE, BLUES (Andre KGGO Iowans will know who it is), and cold BEER. Decided to do beer can chickens have 2 birds on the Old Smokey at 225 degrees using hickory chips. First attempt at a Qview will follow later today. It's good to be a HAWKEYE!!!

    The Old Smokey Electric Smoker

    The Before

    The Smoke has begun

    The Finished Product
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    Not sure on the Hawkeye thing (LOL) but I'm looking forward to your Qview.
  3. Finally got the Qview uploaded. The finished chicken had excellant taste not over powering smoke taste, so I was pleased. The skin of the chicken was the only thing that I was unhappy with, was a bit rubbery.
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    I'm doin 2 beer can chickens right now (they're off the UDS and foiled)

    I usually have the same issue with the skin. It gets discarded
  6. In the past I have grilled them on the gas grill (indirect heat), and I have had crisp skin. I did rub them in olive oil, don't know if that was the right thing to do with the smoker.
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    It is the temp. To get crispy skin smoking you need to be up in the 300 degree range. If not then you get rubbery skin.
  8. That could have been the problem, I kept backing the heat off to 225 degree range.
  9. Would you use that 300 degrees for he whole smoke or just for some time at the end?
  10. I just bought my Old Smokey Electric and after some reading, the skin won't crisp because of having to cook with the lid on... to crisp skin place under broiler for a few.
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    I'm getting hungry[​IMG]

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