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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokereferee, May 9, 2009.

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    Well, here goes the test of all tests..... smoking a meal for 15 for me mudder, on Mudder's Day. Gonna be using the BCG which I put thru a test run a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for all how throw lil tidbits of info and advice on smoking and grilling, etc. You have no idea how useful these bits of information really are!!! Okay to the matter at hand. I will be doing pork and beef ribs........ is there any difference in smoking the beef, never smoked beef ribs before and not sure of they all can go on the grill at the same time? Is a Kansas rub good for beef ribs? How long can I soak the ribs in apple juice for if I will be putting on some rub on them? My trickiest question is for total time to smoke to eat at around 2 pm in the afternoon....... what time does anyone think I should start smoking so that all can eat at around 2 pm. I just need a ballpark time if at all possible so I know what time to start preparing. any other info anyone can pass along, would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for all the advice and I hope all of you who are cooking for your mothers on sunday are successful.
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    Good luck with the smoke, Ref. I'm sure your mother will love it. I'm a newb so, no advice from me, but i'm sure the veterans will be along to answer your questions soon.
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    Hi Ref

    If you are using the 3-2-1 guide for your beef ribs and the 2-2-1 guide for the pork ribs, you could start the beef ribs at 8:00 and the babybacks at 9:00.
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    Hi SmokeReferee

    Let's break this down a bit for you.

    Beef ribs are not the same as pork ribs when smoking. If you put them on at the same time the beef will be done much sooner. I wouldn't soak the beef ribs in apple juice at all. Use your rub sparingly with the beef to let the beef flavor shine. Less sugar for the beef rib rub. Just use what tastes good when you taste it.

    When it comes to pork ribs I don't soak them in anything, but that is your preference if you want to. Most people will use apple juice as a spritz to add flavor dimension and help form the bark with the sugar content. An hour or so soak should be plenty though.

    For pork a rub with a little more sugar content, but not too much as it tends to burn, is nice. Again it is preference and whatever you think tastes good is probably good.

    If you use the 3-2-1 method you are looking at just under 6 hours of cooking time for the pork. This depends on the type of ribs being cooked and how much fall off the bone your crowd wants. Baby backs will cook much faster than spares with this method. There are many different mods to this method but usually baby backs

    With baby backs you can cook them in less time by turning the heat up to around 275º. I don't use foil and just let them go until the meat is tender and tries to break apart when you pick up the end and let it fold.

    If I stirred up the mud and you still have questions please keep asking. No stupid questions here.

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