1st Mac & Cheese in my mod MES40

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    To start thanks to everyone on this site, lots of great info. I did the mailbox mod to my smoker, mounted right to the smoker, chip tray still in it.

    The vent whole was a little small

    But the Mac & Cheese was fantastic. I have to finish typing the recipe

     I just opened the vent whole will be trying it on Pulled Pork, and Wings for the 4th of July.

    As you can see I used the key hole to attached the mail box, enlarged the whole I should have a better draft now. Loosen the 2 top screws on the chip tray slide the box right over them.

    My AMNPS  burned only half of what I put in it.

    Hope this helped someone and I do hope it posted in the right place.

    Enjoy Richie
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  2. Cool mod,  I was trying to figure out why more people didn't mount directly to their MES.  Have you tried a cold smoke yet with this configuration?  I have a GEN 2 so i'm getting ready to set up my Mailbox mod this weekend, really hoping the mailbox solves the smoke issues.  Now if i can figure out if my controller is bad or not.
  3. One reason to not mount the mailbox directly to the MES: The flexible hose allows the smoke to cool for cold smoking.

    Other people may have configuration issues where it's more convenient to move the mailbox around.

    About your MES Gen-2 controller (this means it's at the front of the smoker, not the back) ...

    Many people document temperature offsets such as ... I set the controller to 225 but it only gets to 205 ... or something to that effect. Others point out the controller won't get to 275 internal. This makes sense if the internal probe reads hotter than the chamber actually gets.

    The general recommendation is document the problems and call Masterbuilt to get a correct control unit/smoker. Being a non-conformist I solved the problem this way http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/151864/mes-40-model-20070512-temperature-problems
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    I have not tried to cold smoke with the mailbox, I have a fan set off to the side for days with no breeze. That will be my air supply when I try to cold smoke.
  5. tropics

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    Did some cheese today cold smoke worked fine.



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