1st beef tenderloin roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by earthquake5683, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. So the wife picked me up a beef tenderloin roast and I decided to smoke it. 

    So I started out by roasting 5 heads of garlic.  Trimmed a little silver skin and fat, made a cut into it and stuffed it then covered in some garlic EVOO (homemade).

     Tied up, probe inserted and ready for UDS.

    Gonna take to about 135 then rest.  The wife doesn't like ANY red in her meat so I will slice a bit and grill to well done for her and enjoy the rest I guess.  Time will tell how well it comes out.
  2. Nice Looking forward to the money shot

  3. Beef sitting about 115 right now. [​IMG]
  4. timberjet

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    I bet that is going to be awesome. Love me some Beef TL. I would do the exact same thing. My entire family likes their meat well done. I think my real dad must have been the milk man or something. Med rare for me oh yes.
  5. Don't know why I didn't think about this sooner but next time I'm gonna but a bacon weave on it.  Once cut it would be like a filet mignon.  Maybe a garlic oil rub before the bacon goes on and stuff with cheese, caramelized onions and mushrooms...
  6. That's going to br one fine meal (or several)

  7. Pulled it off at 130. Gonna rest before I slice and grill her piece.
  8. Can't Wait !!!
  9. And the final pics. It was some of the most tender meat I have ate!!!![​IMG]
    My dogs wanted some too!

    Until next time,
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    That looks awesome EQ.   Love the fact that you cooked to the temp that you liked, then grilled your wife's to what she prefers.  Have seen too many guys say "I killed it because that's how the wife likes it".   WTF ????  (Then again, I'm single, so that might explain it.)

    Anyways, again, awesome job.  Like the idea of doing a bacon weave next time.  Something else you might consider next time is pulling it a bit earlier then finishing with a reverse sear.  Gives the outside a nice little crust.
  11. Thanks!  I wanted to reverse sear the whole thing but I failed to put a rub on the outside (except roasted garlic).  Next time I will apply a rub, pull at 120 and sear on the grill until 130ish...

    The thing I love about my wife is she isn't about herself.  She told me to cook it how I wanted it.  She knows I'll do what I have to do to ensure she's happy also so it all works out.  I don't even need to ask for a kitchen pass to ride the bike or hang with the buds.  
  12. demosthenes9

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    FWIW, you can reverse sear without a rub as the heat against the meat surface is what gives it the crust.   With a heavy rub, you'll get a bark without searing.

    Congrats on the easy going wife.   I know a lot of guys who would envy you  [​IMG]
  13. I could eat me a mess of that for breakfast 

  14. aceoky

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    That just looks amazing- nice cook!


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