1st Attempt At Smoking ANYTHING (Tri Tip)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mcloven1t, May 11, 2014.

  1. mcloven1t

    mcloven1t Smoke Blower Group Lead

    I forgot to take pictures before cooking and during lol, but I did remember to take a few pictures after I brought the TT into the kitchen.

    Just built and cured my Master Forge Dual Door Smoker last night after picking it up from the Lowes across the street.

    Bought a 1.75 and 2.50 pound Tri Tips, trimmed off the fat before seasoning them with Applewood Rub

    then got the Smoker up to around 225 - 250 with apple wood chips (think I might go with Chunks in the future)

    Smoked them both (1.75 was one rack higher) for 2 hours.

    The smaller one came out to be Medium Well (meant for Medium), and larger one came out as Medium/Medium Rare

    Unfortunately I was so focused on doing the corn on the cob and potatoes, I forgot to check the water pan which dried out toward the end, and might have helped in the chips resulting in a smoldering ash rather than just black wood. lol,

    Overall though, I did notice a suttle smoke ring around the slices, so that was a good sign. Not to mention my family loved the meat, said it had a delicious flavor and was falling apart in their mouth. So I was definitely happy for my 1st try at smoking meats.

    Next will be chicken and ribs, start with breasts, but in a week or two I plan on doing a whole chicken, possibly a bacon wrapped, beer butt chicken :)

    Suggestions, Comments, Advice, bring it on. Love to hear feedback

  2. chestnutbloom

    chestnutbloom Smoking Fanatic

    Looks mouthwatering good!    [​IMG]
  3. Looks Delicious!! Great job on your first Smoke!! Hope to see some more posts! [​IMG]
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  4. mcloven1t

    mcloven1t Smoke Blower Group Lead

    Thanks guys, those slices are from the larger roast above on the pan, sadly the smaller one came out more grey, but it worked out really well because a few of my family members prefer well done meat anyways. So the rest of us enjoyed the hot pink slices. lol

    I'll definitely be posting more, thankfully I live in Southern California. So I can smoke year round with no problems :p
  5. hambone1950

    hambone1950 Master of the Pit Group Lead

    I think you need to change your forum name there , buddy.....maybe something like " quinaintashardasithought" seriously. Nice job on your first cook. Welcome to the addiction. Thumbs Up
  6. mcloven1t

    mcloven1t Smoke Blower Group Lead

    ha ha, I hate making usernames on forums. Just felt like putting a Smoker spin on the hometown rappers spin. :p

    My beautiful city of Long Beach produced mr Snoop D o double G  lol

    thanks though, I'm excited to finally have my own smoker
  7. beeflover

    beeflover Smoke Blower

    nice lookin beef!
  8. mcloven1t

    mcloven1t Smoke Blower Group Lead

    yea it was great quality, I usually get my meats at the local Stater Bros. -- rarely shop there for my big lists, but when it comes to getting meat, that's definitely my spot.

    They have a huge selection and employees who actually know what they're talking about. lol
  9. chestnutbloom

    chestnutbloom Smoking Fanatic

       Sippin' on Gin 'n Juice, Laid Back!!!       [​IMG]

  10. That's some fine looking grub there man!  [​IMG]   I am determined that I will get to taste tri tip one of these days...  Nice smoke!!  [​IMG]
  11. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Very nice ! Thumbs Up
  12. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Nice Tri-Tips. Do you like your MB Smoker [​IMG]  How about a review (pros and cons).

    Stan . . .
  13. mcloven1t

    mcloven1t Smoke Blower Group Lead

    it's a Master Forge, not Master Built

    But after the 1st use, only cons I've noticed is that the seal around the doors is a little offset, so I'm going to invest in a gasket that will form around the door to trap in the smoke 99% rather than the current like 85%.

    Really no cons as of yet, for 179 at Lowes in California and LA of all places (our tax rate is 9% in LA County)

    It's a great value for a beginner smoker, and for 25 bucks I have the 2 year warranty with Lowes, so it's in good hands :)

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