1st attempt at loin roast

Discussion in 'Pork' started by huskerfoos, Jul 26, 2010.

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    We just got our smoker Sunday.  Our 2nd smoke will be a loin roast ~3lbs.  I have read to keep temp 220-240 getting to an internal at around 160.  This was all done on 5lb and higher.  Should I stay with this?  What kind of time frame am/should Ibe looking at? 

    Any other help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Also, I only have 1, 6" meat thermo.  Is it ok to just lay it on the rack for an hour or so to steady the temp and then stick into meat from then on out?  Any other suggestions?


  2. wngsprnt50

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    I would spend the few buck for a probe from wal-mart or something.  meat thermometers work good for their purpose, but are slower to react to changes.  I bought one of wal-mart's el cheapo digital temp probes and so far its worked great. 
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    A meat probe shouldn't take an hour to read a temperature. Instead of laying it on the rack, push it through a piece of potato or apple while you're waiting to insert it into the meat.I couldn't give you a time frame, but I would suggest you just go by internal temp. Time can vary from one cut to another, Having more than one therm is always an advantage. Good luck my friend.

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