1938 fridge to smoker build

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    Newbie to the site.  I'm very impressed with all the info available here.  I'm starting my new hobby of sausage making (actually, carrying on family tradition) and it just so happens my grandmothers first frigde - a 1938 Fridgadaire - finally conked out.  I figured it was a great opportunity to honor my grandparents memory by re-purposing the fridge as a sausage smoker.  As per reading several other threads here, I started by stripping compressor, plastic, etc.  Seeing as I am gong to have to cut holes for the inlet and exhaust I removed an saved all of the insulation.  Which leads me to my first of most likely several questions:  should i reuse the old insulation?  My concern is that it is very old and i'm not exactly sure of its make up.  I do know that there are a lot of glass fibers in it because even with long sleeves and gloves it was a painful experience handling the insulation!  Any help would sure be welcome and i look forward to being a part of the SMF community.
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    Well, I certainly want to watch this!!![​IMG]
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes!
  4. I think I saw some one say to try and burn a lil bit of the insulation, if it burns  don't use it..

    I am going to build a smoker and have been planning and collecting resources for supplies and such, and I hear mineral wool insulation is good to use.

    and they have it at Lowes,  I think it was around 20 to 30 bucks,

    personally if it was me I'd probably get the new stuff, cause I would believe it  to probably be a better product due to newer technology, but then again sometimes stuff gets cheaper to

    someone who knows more than I will probably come along and give you some advice... hang in there

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