17-1/2 hour butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jdr37, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. jdr37

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    Sorry, no Q, BTBB (but the best butt) ever I tasted! Thanks to the shared knowledge of the great folks on this forum!!!
    Rubbed the 9 pounder (after smearing with mustard) about noon Sat., took it out of fridge 'bout 9:30 PM, put it on the GOSM at midnight, got up every two hours to check wood (hickory) for smoke, water, and spitz it (apple juice, rum, a little apple cider vinegar and a little cooking oil). It hit 165 at 12:30 PM Sunday, wrapped in foil (with the rendered juices and spitz), back in the smoker till 4:15 when it hit 195. Wrapped in newspapers (to absorb juices leaking out) and towels and put in cooler till 5:30 (just couldn't wait no longer).
    Smoker set on low keeps temp between 210 and 230.
    When I picked it up out of the wrappings it almost fell into pieces -- the blade bone just pulled out with no meat attached. It took me about five minutes to pull it with a couple of forks -- unbelievable tender and flavor to die for.
    Added my sauce as I pulled it. A very simple NC style sauce: Bullseye Hickory sauce, tomatoe ketchup, hot sauce, Dat'l pepper mustard, apple cider vinegar, and water to thin as needed.
    None better, nowhere, nohow, thanks to you folks.
    Dave in Florida
  2. richtee

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    Long cook! Hey, next time place in a pan then the cooler. All that juice is "liquid gold" man! Save it, de-fat and use in your finishing sauce!

    Glad to hear it worked out tho- well done!
  3. pigcicles

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    What he said. Save that juice and defat it for added flavors.

    I did a 9 lb bone in butt yesterday in 8 hrs on the drum. Strange how different things can be.
  4. flash

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    17 1/2 HOURS!!! Now that is low and slow [​IMG]
  5. jdr37

    jdr37 Newbie

    Ok Guys, I'm a nubee -- how do you "defat" the juices?

    I think one reason it took so long was that I had the water pan AND above that a drip pan to catch the juices. That seems to keep the "direct" heat from hitting the meat -- whatcha think??
  6. pigcicles

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    Put all the liquid from your foil into a seperator, bowl, cup, whatever. You can let it sit on the counter for a while or put it in the fridge to cool. The fat rises to the top. Just skim it off and keep the other juices that remain.

    No one is knocking how long it took you. If your temps were low and the meat was cold or dense or whatever makes them take forever, then it will take longer. I started mine at 4 PM yesterday expecting a long smoke and it came out just before midnight ... who knew?? Figure on 1.5 hrs per pound plus an extra amount of time for a stall (up to 4 hrs) when figuring your start time.

    Did you use a stock temp gauge for the unit temp or another probe? You might find the original gauge to be WAY off in either direction.
  7. davenh

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    I did one Friday about the same size, and took about the same amount of time [​IMG]. Sometimes they take their sweet time getting there, but worth the wait [​IMG].
  8. surgem7

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    jdr37, thank you for sharing. I could almost taste it. Isn't it great to know
    "man I did that"
  9. jdr37

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    OK, thanks for telling me about the juices -- sounds good.
    RE the temp gauge, I am using the stock gage and have never checked it. I've got another one I'll check it by.
    Thanks again.
  10. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    Chances are the stock gauge is off a bit. Unfortunately, that is waay too common from what I see from other people on the forum...
  11. chromestack

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    I tried my first one only palnned 14 hours was a big disapointment but went to comp and 2nd one was awesome Im sure glad I got back in the saddle and tried again 2nd one about 12 hours

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