14 lb Packer Brisket on the CharGriller

Discussion in 'Beef' started by 5oclocksomewher, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Well as summer is coming to a quick close in the Northeast, I'm awfully hungry for brisket. I bought a 14 lber that I trimmed up tonight and plan on putting on the smoker tomorrow morning. After trimming a few lbs of fat, I rubbed it with mustard and seasoned it with Jeff's Naked Rub and Texas Rub. It's wrapped in aluminum foil and will be put on the CharGriller in the morning ( 5am hopefully). I plan on going hot and fast, 275-300 degrees.

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  2. c farmer

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    I will be watching.

    I need to do one too.
  3. grillmonkey

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    Are you going to foil it?
  4. Oh Ya. The plan is to smoke it to 165 or so, put it in a pan with some beef broth, foil, take it out around 195-200, firm it up for an hour or so, and then make some burnt ends.
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  5. b-one

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    Burnt ends Mmmmmmm! Nice looking brisket can't wait to see more.
  6. Alarm went off at 4 am. Put the coffee on. Got my Kingsford comp charcoal going and dumped it into the basket. Added my peach mini splits. Took the brisket out of the fridge and added a little more of both rubs. It's 5am and the brisket is on the chargriller.

  7. Looking like it's going to be a great day! Don't forget the end product pics.
  8. 6am and one hour in. It's a beautiful morning. It's about 57 degrees this morning, coffee is warm, crickets singing in the background, and the smell of smoking peach wood is in the air. Cruising at 300 degrees. Buster is keeping his eyes on the situation.

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  9. Always helpful to have a reliable assistant on the long cooks!
  10. If I didn't let him out with me, Buster would bust the door down to come out here. He knows what's to follow. According to him, never had a bad smoke.
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    Looks like a good way to spend the day..
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    This is how I'm doing my next one.
  13. 7am and two hours in. I just opened the pit to spritz with ACV/AJ.

  14. Looking real good already!

    I wish I had something on the smoker today... Instead I have the joys of eating dry chicken and drinking cheap draft beer out of a 7oz glass at a family wedding today...
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  15. Beer makes everything better.....well tolerable anyway!!! :biggrin:
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  16. crazymoon

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    Buster looks like a great supervisor. looks like a good day for you down in Pa. !
  17. Oh ya, supervisor and taster. I'm two and a half hours in and it's time to add a chimney of charcoal. Got some Royal Oak lump to heat up. I've been through about 5 or 6 peach mini splits so far.

  18. crazymoon

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    Tasters make the best supervisors as they have a vested interest in the finished product ![​IMG]
  19. Like!!!
  20. 8 am and 3 hours in. Just opened the pit to spritz. Temps dropped to 275 when I added the lump. I assume this happens because of the uneven shape of the coals and the air pockets it creates in the charcoal basket. Anyway, still going good. Just checked IT with my Thermapen and it's at upper 150s IT. Will probably wrap in an hour or so.


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