12# shoulder-slice in 2?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jc03, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Hi everybody. I'm going to smoke a 12# shoulder for my daughter's birthday. The party is Saturday afternoon so to make sure it's done I think I'm going to smoke it Friday and then reheat it Saturday.

    That said, would you cut it in half to help with smoking time? Would you pull it the day before? What is the best way to reheat? Any advice is appreciated. I don't want to screw this one up!
  2. id smoke in advance and serve later. not a problem. if youre pressed for time you can cut it in half but id just leave it whole and let it do its thing. and definitely pull it same day, after resting in a cooler of course for at least an hour. any pulling after cooling for a day is not gunna be fun. pull that and do what most do around here and heat it up in an oven or crock pot with some sort of liquid or theres finishing sauce recipes floating everywhere around here, also any juice left in the foil when unwrapping should be used again also. delicious.
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    • Cut in half
    • Cook and pull the day before
    • Reserve your drippings for the reheat (defatted)
    • Add some of your drippings to the pork, reserving at least a half
    • Place in a steamer pan, wrap in plastic wrap then foil, refrigerate.
    • To reheat, remove foil and plastic wrap from steamer pan, replace the foil,  place in a preheated oven of 250° center rack, turn off oven, check in 30 minutes to see if the meat is warmed through, not hot.
    • Prep your finishing sauce on a stove top, tweak to your liking, I like to add a little bit of barbecue sauce.
    • Add the finishing sauce toss with a couple of forks, making sure to get the settled liquids an wetter meat on top, keep warm in a steamer pan.
    • Toss every so often as the juices will settle to the bottom, this will insure a moist product.

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