12 Pound Picnic advice?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by motochief, May 18, 2013.

  1. Ok, so I have done a couple pulled pork smokes and feel I have it down pretty good. Last 7 pound Butt came out awesome. But this one will be the largest single piece of meat for me yet. Any tips or suggestions for a 12 pound Picnic  or do I treat it the same as the smaller ones? 
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    Hi MotoChief!

    Yeah, it's pretty much the same, only longer.  One thing that is a bit more challenging in larger cuts:  The same food safety rule of "40 to 140* in 4 hours or less" still applies.  Because of that, when I do really large cuts, I usually start off with a little hotter cook temps (say, 250-260*) than I normally would for a smaller pork butt/shoulder. 

    The same estimated time rule applies (est. 1.5-2 hours per lb. of raw meat), so more patience is a must.  That big boy could take 24 hours to get done.

    Gook luck!  Be sure to show and tell us how it turns out!

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    My advise is to provide an address and good directions to your house so we can do a personal inspection :)
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  4. I think you might have a pretty tough time getting where I am. 
  5. Thanks! I plan to start it 24 hours before eating time. When you say 24, do you mean just the cook time or the whole thing including rest time?
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    I like to allow for what ChefJimmyJ calls CYA time, an extra hour or two in case the stall lasts longer than expected.  Its always just a guess, because every cut of pork seems to have a mind of its own.  The average estimates are for 1.5 hours per pound (which would mean 18 hours plus CYA time), to 2 hours per pound (which would mean 24 hours plus CYA time).  The good thing about butts/shoulders is that if they finish early, they will rest nicely wrapped in a towel or blanket in a cooler for several hours before pulling. 

    Either way, its gonna be a long night and day!

  7. Yeah, I am making it for all my work mates. They do not get this kind of thing often so I am going to give them a taste of home so it is worth the time.
  8. Here is the shoulder in question.


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