100 Gallon Reverse Flow w/ vertical box

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  1. I am planning on building a smoker on a small trailer. I want to do a reverse flow with two racks in the main chamber and four 16X22.5 in the box above the Firebox with two four inch stacks exciting. The firebox is going to be 1/4 and the box above will be 3/16 thick. This is a sketch of the basic dimensions. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. As it turned out the tank was 24" dia when I picked it up. the door is 49" long by 21". Does anyone see any issues with flow or temp control with the end box being on top of the firebox?

  2. Here is the tank with the end removed. I welded on  1-1/4"  X 1/8 around the door. The hinges are .179 and I wanted to use them to stiffen the door. I plan on using a wood dowel for the handle. 

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    I really like that style of hing for the door.

  4. Starting to fit it onto the trailer. Hopefully I can get the fire box on this week.
  5. Tacking on the fire box and rf plate
  6. Finally starting to look like my drawings. Still a lot to do, but it feels good to see this much.


  7. Got a good amount done today, finished welding in the rf plate with a 3/4" drain. Filled it with water and had a couple small leaks the first time around. Welded on the main door counter weight, and toggle clamps. Finished welding the vertical box and fire box to the main chamber. In stalled the fire box and vertical cabinet doors and made the latches and vent handle. Finished welding the front shelf on topping it with a leftover piece of expanded stainless. Hoping to clean the tank tomorrow and get a coat of paint on the smoker and then start working on finishing the trailer.
  8. Painted the body with Rustoleum hi-temp satin black. Overall a good weekend
  9. Looking good !!!!

    Gary S
  10. Thank you Gary

  11. Finished installing the grates. There is 2,040 sq. inches in the main chamber and 1,440 sq. inches in the vertical cabinet for a total of 24 sq. feet of cooking capability. All the grates are in channels. So far with the trailer, steel, and misc I am up to $650 on the build.  During the first burn the temps were only 5-10 degrees different from the main chamber to the vertical cabinet. Now I just need to learn the ins and outs of how it acts. 
  12. Did my first cook in the new smoker. 14 hours on an 11 pound picnic and 8 hours on a 5 pound pastrami. Over all I think it was a success. The shoulder was a little drier than usual , but I was kinda expecting it to be since I didn't make a water tray. The pastrami is amazing. definitely contemplating adding a removable water pan through the side of the fire box, so I can fill it throughout the smoke easier. 

  14. Finished the front storage compartment. The lid makes a nice 24 X 52 table when opened up.
  15. Just realized I forgot to post pictures of the smoker. (I would say done but there are always more things to do) I did a decent cook on it over the weekend with an 11# brisket (13hrs), 3 shoulders (15hrs), and 3 whole chickens (4 1/2 hrs) cut in half in the vertical and I had 8 racks of St.louis ribs (5 1/2 hrs) in the vertical and everything was great. There was plenty of room for more and I didn't use any rib racks this time, just 2 slabs per shelf and rotated the shelves a few times. Sorry no pics, my wife tripped, and broke her wrist. Pictures were the last thing on my mind. 

  16. Nice job Stan, really looks good. I know you are proud.

    Gary S
  17. Thank you Gary. 

    I scaled the smoker the other day and it weighed in at 1320# with no supplies loaded. 
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    That is one nice smoker.  I really liked how you made the storage top convert to a table.  Nice work.  Where can  get one? lol
  19. Thank you Rob. Who knows, if you were serious I could entertain the possibility of another build. [​IMG]
  20. rob sicc

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    In m heart I am serious but I don't have the money right no for it.  It is a little to big for me too.

    It is a beautiful piece of work though Nice job.

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