100 gallon propane tank RF patio build

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  1. Well I started my smoker tonight I've been acquiring pieces week by week and have everything but the material for firebox. I dot the tank for free. Got it put on legs still gotta do a little bracing but surprisingly very sturdy legs. I'm doing this build on a budget so bare with me if I cut some costs starting with only using 3 legs. I intend to put a shelf on the bottom to hold work and utensils.

    Now for your help can anybody point me in the right direction on fire box dimensions needed and size of box to chamber opening intake and stack size.

    Thanks in advance smoker needs to be done by wed. The third of July so I got just under a month to get it completed want to cut chamber door out tomorrow. And install hinges and maybe cut box to chamber opening.


  3. Sorry for the spelling issues using a iPad to post and damn auto correct. But does anybody have input on fire box size and opening also stack size.
  4. Ok I plugged in my tank says I will need a 14x14x12 firebox and I was going to use the square vents but I says I only need 1.5 vens if I used a 3" tall 1.5 wide vent seams a little on the small side. Also 3" stack 17" long. This all seam right my tank is 14.5 x42? When putting stack in straight down how far into camber is it needed
  5. One word of advise, I see so many builders get in a hurry to cut the cooking chamber door. I like to get firebox mounted and welded in first, so as to have less distortion on the door opening.

    Go big on the firebox, Id go at least 15 deep ( tank is 14.5 and it will be easier to blend it in if the firebox is slightly wider ) and think about going taller with it.  If your putting the vent on the end wall of the firebox, ( highly recommended ) think about go a little wider too,

    Id probably think about a 18' tall x 15" deep x ? 15-18" wide firebox.    Make it out of cardboard first and see what looks right on that size tank. I always go big on firebox's, and it always works out fine for me.
  6. Ok I decided to go with a 16" wide 18" tall and 14"deep is 3/16 thick enough and I agree on mounting box the lesser the heat you put on a opening that big the better....going to get material tonite and hope to have it mounted tommorrow night wish me luck probly cut tank tonight for the box to chamber opening
  7. 3/16" is fine,  1/4" would be better, but dont worry about it if you dont have 1/4" available.

    Have you drawn up the design yet, if you post it there are many good people on here that can help you fine tune it to get the most out of what your building. Help keep you from making mistakes that we all already have made.
  8. Only reason I was going to use 3/16 was to save a little expense. I have a 20 gallon air compressor I might use instead as the quot I got for a 16"x16"x12 is $90 for the cut pieces. That definitely cuts into costs. Going to go measure my compressor tank and see if it will be the right size % wise to work
  9. I can get a 4 x 8 sheet of 3/16" for $60 some odd dollars.  Call around some local Fab shops, they will usually sell cut offs cheap for beer money, better yet, stop buy if they are close by. Most of the drops or cut offs were paid for by being charged to the job they were originally ordered for. ( with mark up ) And dont be scared to neg. the prices with them.  They are used to it and jack the prices high  to give themself room to come down. When I see something I need, I usually ask "how many beers will that piece cost me".
  10. Been working on it when I can got tank base cut off of CC. Welded FB and CC together not the best fit but it works will prolly redo it a couple months down the road. Got CC door cut started flange enough for hinges got cut FB door do my vents and pipe add RF plate and a grate and shell be ready for her maiden voyage hopefully buy the 4th of July
  12. Here's my progress as of tonight. Will have reverse flow steel this weekend plan on spending all day sat. And most of Sunday and Monday evening on it. Should be 90% done by then I hope
  13. Look at my thread on door flanges for some tips.
  14. Door flange done on smoke chamber didn't turn out that great but will work with some stove rope. Used to thick of steel for the seal used 3/16 and shoulda used 1/8

    The hinge I made for firebox door works great

    Firebox door seal is on inside of firebox and seals nicely

    Reverse flow plate with grease stop plate slopes to that end

    Beautiful weld with my ole flux core welder
  15. Picture of firebox closed and door seal installed
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    Looking good.
  17. Going to cut the stack and intake Friday night and weld them in using a 3" round intake and a 4" round stack stack is a old semi stack cut with a 90 on it should look real good on it
  18. here it is wed. night after i welded in stack and vent pipe

    here it is friday evening befor i welded in rf plate i burnt out inside as you seen in other pics firebox tank was red not a black color couldnt believe how loose the paint got after a good burn out loaded up the firebox and smoke champer with cotton wood and got a good hot fire in there

    heres the fire started with around a dozen or so briquetes and a dozen in the chimney and some apple wood

    here is the first cook with it sorry no q view phone died after this pic smoked chicked drummies took around 4 hours at 225

    all in all im happy with the smoker it needs a few adjustments the firebox is to small knew that going in. Once the chamber got to 225 took about 45 min  but fire was half out.  when it got there stayed stable with vent wide open ran 300 with fire box cracked about a half  inch......i found out that my best bet is to use charcoal and fill up firebox and just let here go has good draft actually you can feel the suction on the vent pipe when all closed up......smoker is about 90% need to add better handles fix the base so more stable put bigger wheels on it....and start on the new one which wont have any expences spared will have proper fire box and all......i will keep you all posted on the finishing touches and start a new thread with the new smoker like i said all in all happy but i want a 325 deg. smoker for grilling on and that is what my next on will achieve
  19. can somebody please fix my pics having some trouble

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