#10 versus #12 manual grinder

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  1. From what I can tell, the plates, blades and hand cranks are identical based on what I've seen on this page.  the only difference, however, is that the #10 is a portable grinder that clamps to the table whereas the #12 is more sedentary, it has four legs each of which bolt (permanently) to the table.

    And the "hub", male bit or square drive that is inserted into the female recepticle on a Hobart N50 mixer measures 9/16ths inch square.
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    Yes, #10 and #12 are the same size (2-3/4").  Most folks with a grinder such as the #12 one you describe bolt it to a piece of plywood or a poly cutting board and clamp that to their counter when they use it. 

    The Hobart #12 grinder head pattern seem to be pretty much the industry standard for grinder and accessory drives for bowl cutters, commercial mixers etc.  Our grinder, Hobart bowl cutters and 20qt Univex mixer all have Hobart #12 pattern drives.

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  3. I'll probably get a #12 cast iron grinder for my Hobar N50 for superior cutting.

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