.030 or .035 flux core

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    Going to use my hobart 140 on my build the only way to do 1/4 is fluxcore would I do better with .035 or .030.
  2. .035 would be my choice.  The manual lists .035 at 4/50 settings for voltage and wire speed respectively for 1/4 inch steel.  I have found that the larger .035 is better for just about all jobs I do with the Hobart 140.  Never buy the .030 flux core anymore.  1/4" steel is about the max for the machine but if you go slow and don't try to outrun the machines capabilities you can produce a good strong weld with the equipment using .035 flux core. 
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    I have a Hobart 140 and on my build I used the 035. I found I got better results at 4/35 on the settings. I was getting 1/4" penetration single pass with no problems. On 40 and 50 I seemed to get too much splatter. I have been really pleased with the machine tho!
  4. You should contact a Hobart rep. There are a lot of different kinds of wire available, with different properties. . Some have more penetration than others, some have faster freezing puddles, and some flux core wire can be run with 75/25 or pure argon, giving you more penetration and less splatter. It's not just about what size the wire is, it's what's in it and how much.

    Even your local welding supply might be inclined to push what they have on the shelf, if you go straight to Hobart, they can tell you about the different wires they sell.

    If you have a hard time with Hobart, then call up Lincoln, they usually bend over backwards to help out with technical questions!
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    Yea I do most of my welding with.023 and gas doing body work on sheet metal so moving up to 1/4 is a big jump made some nice welds with the .030 flux core.

  6. I used to run the .023/.025 wire on my 180t, but my supplier kept pushing me to switch to .030 solid wire. Once I did, never went back. ..I can still turn it down for thin gauge , but gives me the ability to put down a little more filler when stepping up to heavier material. And I can flow the puddle better leaving a flatter weld, with less " hump" to grind off.

    I'll do all my fab work up to 1/4" plate with the .030 solid wire, except for the bigger projects like the firebox , ect, then I grab the .045 kobelco frontiarc, it's a really nice flux core wire that I run 75/25 gas with, low fume, low splatter, good at all positions.
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    I will have to check that out RW. I read some of your other posts about liking the .045. I've been running .035 through my Hobart 190 and has been working well on 1/4"' even burning a little 3/8", but I'm curious how the .045 will run on the firebox and heavier parts like you mentioned. Problem is I don't run across very much locally.
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