Traeger TFB29LZA Junior Elite Grill

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  1. paulj
    "Rust Bucket"
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    Jun 26, 2014
    Pros - Good job smoking.
    Cons - Very poor paint job inside and out. Rusts quickly.
    Our three year old Traeger developed huge rust spots inside and out despite careful maintenance. It was always covered when not in use and stored inside for the winter. Paint peeled in big sheets and rust formed inside and out, apparently the result of a bad paint job during Chinese manufacture. Asked Traeger to replace the out of warranty firebox as it was obviously poorly made and they refused. Moral: don't trust Traeger.
  2. bmetz
    "Don't BUY - Someone stamped Traeger's name on it,"
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    Jun 15, 2017
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    Pros - Easy to put together and use
    Cons - Won't keep temperature, randomly shuts off, creates "mini"-explosions, LEDs did not all light up, unit shipped well protected but dented
    I got my first Traeger, put it together, followed all the directions to get it started with first "seasoning".  Saw a dent in the frame, door did not close square to the opening, otherwise functional.  Then noticed the LEDs did not all light up, seeing readings like 3118 (308?) or 2c] (268?).  Sent a note to Traeger and they are sending replacements for everything.   Cooked my first Boston Butt and it randomly stopped working, still full of pellets. Happened three times. I had to restart. Temperature going all over the place.  After my first restart, I had my first mini-explosion.  This is where you reset the smoker, get it to start smoking, then close the lid and set it to 225 degrees.  Smoke starts pouring out as it heats up and then a loud boom followed by the lid popping up a couple inches.  Scared the heck out of me.  Then my wife starting reading reviews of this smoker and lots of comments made about randomly stopping and the mini-explosions.   DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY or AGGRAVATION on this unit.  Miine was purchased via Amazon and it goes back tomorrow.  If I can't count on this to be set and run without having to check every 15 minutes, then why buy a digitally controlled unit?