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A big welcome to everyone from the UK Smokers Group Leads

If you live in the U.K. and love to smoke or cure meat, or would like to learn, you have come to the right place.  This Group was started so that U.K. members could ask questions and share information that is unique to meat smoking and curing in the U.K.. All SMF members are welcome regardless of where you are from. If you can help with any of the questions that are posted here please join the group and share your experience. Among the challenges that the U.K. members face are: What U.K. cut of meat to ask for?  What to substitute for “**”?  Where can I find “**”?  Sometimes it is just translation from American to English or back the other way.

If you are new to the forum and this is your first time in the UK Smokers Group, please could you take the time to introduce yourself in the UK Roll Call by clicking the link below.

Please click here to "post a reply" in the UK Roll Call and tell us a little about yourself

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