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I don't do anything different with picnics (vs butts). And like you I take the skin off and leave fat on.
Didn't they say the bacon prices will drop? That can only mean people don't eat bacon anymore. Yeah, right.
Look who's talking
Over 22lbs started curing on Sunday: 3 pieces of bacon, a small Easter ham, a smaller ham (for air dry curing), 2 pieces of loin and a teenderloin (also for air dry curing). I am slowly but clearly running out of my December pig (whole).
I guess you are concerned about cross-contamination.
I would have gone lower (ppm) but the brine is safe with your numbers.
Pops cure calls for 1tbs of cure/gal of water. You have 15.8g/gallon. You are good. Edit: Didn't see the "heaping" in pops cure until now. So your brine has less cure than pops. It doesn't make it unsafe.
Impressive indeed.
Why would you want it switched off? The "keep warm" setting is recommended holding food for up to 4h. Isn't that the safest method?
Don't all slow cookers have their own timers?
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