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Do you have concerns when it comes to cold smoked salmon?
if you dried cured bacon could you eat it raw like you do pancetta? ---- Pretty much...pancetta is often made with cure#2 but i doubt the nitrate has measurable contribution in an umai bag (fridge temps).
Botulism is nasty and kills but it takes much more print space than it should.To alleviate your concerns: the meats you mentioned are whole muscle. Botulism mostly germinates in ground meats, stews, dishes, where the ingredients are no longer intact.Most members here cure with curing salts. Botulism does not germinate in nitrite/nitrate cured meats. Salt and drying prevents other bugs.Bacon is cured but not dried. Pancetta is unsmoked bacon that has been dried.Have you...
Welcome from across the Great lake (and border). I have the same smoker. I had no problem running it hot. Had other problems though...still a decent starter smoker.
Having a high fat content pancetta dries slower than lean cuts (fat does not have much water to lose). I don't think 40% loss is achievable for pancetta. If you manage to get there i expect the meat part to have jerky texture.Last one I pulled at 28%. If felt a little too dry.'s been frankenized by a US company...they couldn't get past some labeling challenges so they found suckers here.
I heard about GMO salmon being approved for sale in Canada last year. But i didn't know it hit the shelves already. At least Costco is not stocking it (for now). Time to move to the west coast.
Welcome to 21st century, when what used to be tough discounted cuts now cost as much if not more than premium steaks and roasts.You can thank foodnetwork for that.
I don't know about this "virtually all"...if that were the case we couldn't feed raw vegs to babies under 12 months of age.Anyway...CB is present in soil as a spore, not bacteria. Ingesting the spore will not make people (older than 1) sick.Ecoli and salmonela on chicken are avoidable, CB on garlic is not.Ofcourse clean chicken would cost more than .69/lb, but between chicken bathed in poop soup and slighly more expensive chicken what would you choose?
Why does the consumer put up with this garbage? Would you buy say asparagus if you knew is contaminated with salmonella?
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