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I am currently travelling to the Far East. Other than sushi and various duck dishes i am not crazy about asian cooking. But this is definitely something i will make - pressed pig years . More like a headcheese. I will probably skip the ginger.
Smoked bologna? You must be from Labradror. A newfie would smoke cod toungues, toutons, moose balls and scrunchions.
Boston butt, shoulder works too.
Beech is the only wood i use for traditional European sausages, hams, backfat. Is mild tasting yet smokey enough.
As far as i know readycure is mostly sold in Canada. Is a 1% nitrite curing salt. Any reason you prefer readycure over pink salt (6.25% nitrite)? Pink salt is readily available in the US.
You don't marinate meat to make bacon, you cure it. And 3 days is not enough to cure.
Some stats: 14% loss from drying 51% yield (includes drying , trimming, all except one bone) 56% yield when the stir fry is included For $6/lb roast well worth the effort.
Traditional dish for Orthodox Pentecost (same this year as Catholic). Cheese bread rolls ...out of the oven Sliced and topped with a sour cream/heavy cream/milk mix. After another round in the oven Super yummy
45 days today Dry crust and most fat removed Steaks (boneless except for one) Packaged (also little less thsn a pound of stir fry beef scrsped off the bones)
There is plenty of low carb components in that pan. My kids have a talent of navigating around the vegs and meat and only eat the tubes so i end up eating the good stuff. Even when using more pasta then i should (a whole 500g package here).
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