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I don't think i am what you call a "good operator" but i will give it a try. Freezing before cutting makes sense.
I learned about this method here (i believe it was Chef Jimmy): cutting marrow bones lengthwise. Can this be done with a hand meat saw? Will it shred the marrow?
Not Ritz, but some other irrelevant cracker brand. The blander the better. It's only the vehicle, not supposed to interfere with the goodness of marrow.For that we have wine, or your beverage of choice.
Ha ha....they make 1000 year old egg...why not 15 year old bones? Aged beef tastes better. 15 years can only tastes much better than 45 days.๐Ÿ˜‚ My OP is quite confusing indeed. I started buying from this farmer 15 years ago. The product has changed a lot since.Good meat but less value for the $. And nose to tail items, originally priced at $1/lb are now specialties. That's what i meant. The bones are only 1 month old.
I pulled two bags of beef bones from the freezer for some bone broth. I get these from a farmer. 15 years ago they were large shanks, more meat than bone. You could make osso bucco on them. Slowly there was less meat on them left...lately they are scraped to the...bone. Also small bones...still good enough for broth. Well surprise surprise: two pieces were cuts from large bones. Full of marrow. Needless to say i roasted those before adding them to the broth pot, so in can...
Love it with freshly baked bread.
That looks like is ready to be enjoyed.
Then you are good to go.
Looking good DS ๐Ÿ˜‚That is a cool method. Never heard about it. Will definitely try.
Thank you but it's not a difficult dish. The only challenging part is knowing how long to cook down the broth so it sets. When in doubt....go longer.
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