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Pops ,Aren't we talking fridge conditions here?
If you do the loin don't go low and slow. Run it hot.
The recipe would work for a loin. The only difference brining time. I would brine at least 12h if not 24h. Use less salt than what the recipe asks for if you are not sure. After brining wash and fry a piece so you know to add salt in the rub if not enough. Between sirloin and loin I would go for sirloin for the reasons you stated.
Here comes the 2nd fridge.
You used the default ppm value (156), didn't you? It will not overcure, I do it all the time so I can have all going into the smoker at the same time. Your plan is textbook. Should give you perfect bacon. Only one suggestion: fry a small piece after rinsing. I find 2% too salty for my taste. You might not, but if you do you can soak the meat for a while.
Dirt, Wouldn't cooking in the oven at low temp (lowest setting on mine is 170) simulate a SV system? Ofcourse 170 is too high for beef and pork but would work for chicken and turkey.
Thank you cranky. Can I bug you in the PM regarding the build? You lost me in paragraph 2. I have no clue what wife boards and trim strip are. I will look them up.
Let me start first by saying I am not good at metal or wood fabrication. I finally accepted that I need a smokehouse for my cold smoking. Currently using a mofified masterbuild 2 door. It takes me a month to finish all i want smoked from a pig. I would like to build a small cedar smokehouse (shack?) On wheels. I mostly cold smoked in the winter. In spring I would wheel it behind the house so it won't take space in my not-so-big backyard. Since it's cedar does it have to...
Update after tasting it: that was a great steak. A lot of the moisture gone, it felt like I could just sear and eat almost raw. While the flavour is more intense I don't detect a jump to the "next level". I assume it has to do with "all the good stuff happens after day 30'. Be back in 16 days.
Is your middle name Ingenious? That is a cool gadget. I imagine this only works for all-meat fatties (not rolled with cheese, vegetables, other meats).
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