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Thank you, I am looking forward to much more.Andy
Thanks Al. It was amazing, and I truly appreciate all the pointers everyone freely gives out through this forum. Andy
First time using my new First gen MES 40. Started with a 6.5# pork loin, injected with a mix of Tonys, Old Bay, and POG diluted so it wasn't so salty, and brined in the same overnight Friday night and most of the day Saturday. Took it out of the brine and dried the loin off and put it in the fridge overnight. Got up Sunday morning and took it out to come up to room temp and started the smoker at about 9:00am set at 250°. I heated a mix of hickory and apple chips in the...
I was under the impression that the water is there to provide a stable thermal mass inside the smoker. But that comes from a very new to the game MES guy....
Thanks for all the welcomes.
Just looking to get started. Have brined turkeys the last few years and wanting to expand my horizons.
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