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It's been about 2 weeks. Weighed them up last night and they are at about 15% weight loss. Got a good adherence of the bags to the meat. Makes fridge smell wonderful.
I have made some Soppressata (tasted unbelievable) before but this is the first time with large pieces of meat,   Bresaola and Lonzino in the Umai bag after a 3 week cure.   Now the long wait. Shooting for 40% weight loss.
Needed some brats for grilling this summer. My oldest came over Saturday morning and we whipped out 30 pounds based on "Shooter Ricks Attitude brats". Love this recipe. 15# of plain 5# of cheddar 5# of jalapeno and cheddar 5# of jalapeno and pepper jack. All vacuum sealed and in the freezer for the summer.  Fried up the last in the stuffer and 1 cheddar link. As good as these taste we will certainly need to make more. Sorry no cooked pictures but we broke our arms...
Thanks, Would freezing change the texture of the finished product? How long does it last sealed and refrigerated?
That looks amazing.  I have a question for all of you. How do you guys save/store your finished product (If you don't eat it all in a day). Do you slice-vac-seal and freeze, or vac-seal larger pieces and freeze, or vac-seal and refrigerate? Just getting started in this dry cure stuff and trying to figure out the best way to store.
Did a smoke today for the college football season kickoff.    Butt, Breasts, Ribs, and Nuts Go Buckeyes!! Wife took our youngest to the other game up north. (House divided). So had an empty smoker and little time on my hands. BloodyMary tasted pretty good. Pork butt on at 6:00 Bourbon marinated turkey on at 9:30 Smoker at 275 with A-MAZE-N oval filled with apple, cheery, and oak.   Turkey done at IT of 165. Will be wrapped and held for slicing later for...
Thanks everyone for the comments. Its not hard to do. The taste is just amazing.
Had a hankering for a steak today and always wanted to try the smoked rib eyes with a reverse sear. Found some on sale while shopping this morning. Seasoned with Jeffs Texas rub.   Thru in the smoker at 180-200 with cherry smoke and added some sweetcorn. Took steaks to an IT of 125 and then on the hot hot grill for a quick sear.   While steaks were in the smoker grilled up some taters, squash, zucchini, onions and peppers. below is the finished plate without...
Thanks for the points Disco. Your posts and recipes always inspire.
Thanks everyone. Especially Disco for the recipe. They will not last long after my kids get a hold of them.
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