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Call around. I bet you have time to ask some place to order one. Do you have a Sams club? David
I would look around for larger briskets. I have never seen a brisket that small. Happy smoken. David
As said above. Don't turn the smoker on. Turning it on and leaving the door open won't work. It is going to keep the heating element on all the time. Just use your AMNPS and be patient. If it takes a couple of nigths no big deal. Happy smoken. David
Cook as is. Happy smoken. David
Yes give it more smoke.Happy smoken.David
I am pickling okra right now. So I already have gumbo on my mind. I guess I need to just freeze some okra instead of pickling it all. Your nephew is wise for his age. He knows good eaten! Happy smoken.David
 Where is around here? If you would add your location to your profile it would be of help. Happy smoken. David
Good info. Happy smoken. David
It should be fine. Thicker would be better. However sometime you go with what you have. Happy smoken. David
New Posts  All Forums: