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Glad it turned out to her liking! Looks tasty! next time go full packer.Happy smoken.David 
You measure the amount of cure by the pounds of meat. forget LBS after that! You go by inches. Measure the thickest part. Then you divide by 2 because the cure is coming from both sides. Cure will penetrate 1/4" per day. If you inject that will change it some. I won't even go into that.(do you research). Then you add 2 days for any error. Yes you can go a lot longer. I have had bacon in cure for a month with no worries for a piece of meat that I could have smoked in  6...
Remember the rest. That is one of the most important parts. If you have blood on the cutting board you didn't let it rest long enough. You can cut a raw uncooked piece of meat with out blood running out. That is also the way you want the meat to cut after cooking. The heat runs the juice in. The rest lets it redistribute. Happy smoken. David
I would hope you don't have any 3/4" gaps to seal. I would not want it falling on anything I was eating. I would use the high temp. Like I said 3/4"?????? Happy smoken. David
I would strip the it before I used it for smoking wood! 
That is a fine looking floorHappy smoken.daivd
It will not be cured. It will be a little cured but a lot more like a fresh ham at 5 days you could only cure about a inch and a half without injecting.  The fact that you injected would add a little more. Without knowing how much injection and how it was done I can't say how much you are curing from the inside out. Lets say for the sake of argument that you injected enough to have the inside of the ham as well covered as the outside (and you don't have anything close)...
You need time for the temp to stabilize which allows the juice that was pushed to the middle by heat to re distribute. It is like a MR steak that you cut and the juices (or blood) run all over the plate. If you give it time to rest that doesn't happen. The stuff that ends up on the cutting board taste good and you want it in the meat. Happy smoken. David
I don't get fresh tuna here so That is what I have to use. Happy smoken. David
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