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It works pretty well. It does not take on the smoke flavor as well when it is that cold. But it does get more smoke.Happy smoken.David
CWSThe colder it is the longer I smoke. I like a lot of smoke. So I use about half of a AMNPS. I have found that when I get the color I am looking for. I normally have the flavor I want to go with it.I use all sorts of different pellets. I put the AMNPS on the bottom left, pull the chip loader out about 1 inch.Happy smoken.David
Thanks Bear
Leah thanks for the kind words. Happy smoken. David
I shoot for 225-240 I slept through the process. We had high wind and rain. I burnt a lot of KB during the night. The fact that I was just over 1 hour per LB tells me I had a high temp spike during the night. Cook to IT not time. Fallow that with the toothpick test. You will never go wrong. PATIENCE!!! It is done when it is done. Happy smoken. David
I have to agree. In fact I think you would be money and time ahead building from scratch.Happy smoken.David
Thanks JohnHappy smoken.David
Thanks FoamHappy smoken.David
Thanks Red.I thought I was going to have to take a to it because the bark was so thick. It was a no foil no look cook.Happy smoken.David
Thanks Disco
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