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It should be good. Happy smoken. David
Today is beef short ribs rubbed real good with my rub. I got a little over one row of pellets going in the AMNPS. Heated the MES40 to 230. Then a 3 2 1. When I removed them I had a lot of pull back from the bone. Happy smoken. David[IMG]http://www.smokingmeatforums. com/content/type/61/id/328537/width/200/height/400[/IMG]
Looks good. I need to do one soon. Happy smoken. David
Looks good Bear. You could have invited me. You don't have to eat alone! Happy smoken. David
I use chunks or small limbs from the yard with my BGE. I can get all the smoke you can handle. Happy smoken. David
Good choice. That is what I have and it works great. I make sticks so I went with the 5# model. Happy smoken. David
Great looking bird and brats. The car is looking good as well. Happy smoken. David
That should be good Brian. It is hard to go wrong with a smoked turkey. Keep the pics coming. Happy smoken. David
Leah That is a fine looking fish. I have never thought of smoking the whole head. I have done throats and they were to die for. Happy smoken. David
If you like the way it has been coming out. I wouldn't change it. I use the toothpick test to see when It is tender. It may be 190° or 200° it is done when it is done. Don't cook by time. Happy smoken. David
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