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Just don't over cook it. Chicken is a meat that only gains a little more smoke from low and slow. Remember to post a Qview. Happy smoken. David
I would kick the temp up on your smoker to 325° if it will go that high. Then I smoke the whole time. You will get crispy skin if you can get up to that temp. If non finish on a gas grill or an oven. Happy smoken. David
Look at the bright side. It is over and time to smoke! Happy smoken. David
Dave Glad to hear your up and running again. Thanks for posting this. Most only post the bad and nobody finds out about the good. Happy smoken. David
For simple use real butter mixed with a little garlic powder. You can go up from their with herbs simmered in butter. Happy smoken. David
I don't use a binder so I have never tried it. However it will work, so go for it. Happy smoken. David
Ask her for one for Christmas. Then it will be her idea!Happy smoken.David
DiscoYou need a vacuum sealer if you are going to be a smoker. You can smoke larger cuts and save for later. You can reheat in the bag. You can buy when on sale. What else do I need to say?Happy smoken.David
Your numbers are good for the 4" round. http://feldoncentral.com/bbqcalculator.html?cc=36,51,0,0,0,0,51885.36,17295.12&fb=32,24,24,0,0,18432.00,17295.12,106.6&ch=6,921.60,32.61&fi=6,2,0,55.30,4.61&fc=13.71,19.38,147.46. I didn't run the numbers for square. You can plug the numbers in the calculator and adjust from their. Happy smoken. David
I am not a brick guy. I wish I was. I look forward to watching your build. Happy smoken. David
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