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I have been wanting to make a smoke house of my own, unlike yours I want to use a nature rock base. My question is, I had an idea to put a damper in the tube between the fire and smoke house.   BY THE WAY YOUR SMOKE HOUSE IS BEAUTIFUL BEYOND COMPARE 
ya we have some smart and finals. Yesterday I asked one of the guys at the meat counter at stater brothers  they can order some for 3.99 a pound that seems a little high but it beats 4.25 a pound it doesn't sound like much but it will add up fast
thanks guys for the great post very helpful.
we have one local butcher,but no stores by that name all we have are big name supermarkets. 
I would like to know where to buy whole pork bellies.Where I live bacon is getting too expensive were paying $4.25 a pound that is craze.I would like to start prepossessing my own bacon,pules it would give me a excuse to build a small smoke house.
thank for the compliments but yous guys are right i wish i had a tractor, my kids are to small to put to work. one time I was turning my compost and my fork came undone and when I went to grab it,it burned my hand. 
I hope not, where I got horse manure their in stalls not on a pasture but that doesn't mean that their hay wont. I hope the hot composting will kill most of them
that makes a lot of sense but it already takes up a lot of room it measures about 16ft long and about 4ft wide.   Thanks for the advise
I have learned a lot since my last thread on this subject.I added a second compost bin but that also means a lot more work. It takes me about an hour to turn  just one of those bins, but it will be worth it come next year. I am really excited about this years compost.Last year nothing happened but this year MAN it is really cooking but boy is it steaming will have pics later
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