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I wish I had more photos but my phone ran out of space,and i was so tired I went to bed at 11:40 the previous night and woke up about 2:30 am that morning to start prepping the hog and to light my fire so the coals would burn down by the time I was ready to put the hog on.I started at 4:00 am and finished about 10:30 am over all it took about 6 hrs to cook a 50-60 lbs hog.
yeah I was thinking about that this morning about frying some skin. I tried some that day when we were talking it off the pit it was pretty good.
  It's finally here I have been waiting so many years for this but it finally happen I'm so excited I will just jump in to the pics and I will talk about it in the post later    
That leaves me with to many questions. My pile of compost has no problem heating up and the moister level is good the one pile I had cooked for two moths and stop heating up but still was not black it looked like a dark brown. In my mixture I use horse manure and straw.
I have been composting for a couple of years now and my compost never looks like black gold that every ones talking about. So if any one has a comment as to why it's not turning black please send my one.
I have been wanting to make a smoke house of my own, unlike yours I want to use a nature rock base. My question is, I had an idea to put a damper in the tube between the fire and smoke house.   BY THE WAY YOUR SMOKE HOUSE IS BEAUTIFUL BEYOND COMPARE 
ya we have some smart and finals. Yesterday I asked one of the guys at the meat counter at stater brothers  they can order some for 3.99 a pound that seems a little high but it beats 4.25 a pound it doesn't sound like much but it will add up fast
thanks guys for the great post very helpful.
we have one local butcher,but no stores by that name all we have are big name supermarkets. 
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