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I not sure if they were molting or not I just know they were in bad shape and some were naked
Ya I not sure my self  
Today I went over to a coworkers house to pick up some chickens for me to butcher for her because she had to many roosters, but when I started plucking what looked like worms or something coming out of the skin. I have cleaned birds one other time and never came across these before. One other reason I could come up withe is maybe what I thought were worms could be stuff come out of the ends of their feathers. These birds were in rough state missing lots of...
The Sunn hemp sounds great but it is hemp AKA pot, weed, Mary Jan. It is still illegal to grow right?
thanks Dave those were some great links 
Can anyone suggest a good cover crop that does well in hot dry weather?
I purchased these seeds about a couple of moths ago I prepared the ground with compost and mix it in with a garden hoe. I broad casted the seeds, I couldn't tell how much I used  for 8ft by 10ft bed after broadcasting I raked them in. Does buckwheat germinate well in hot weather? I'm not sure i understood the last part of your post so some varieties need more seeds per area to germinate? and how do i perform a germination test? What is cultipacking?
Does anyone have any experience using buckwheat as a cover crop.I am having trouble germinating my buckwheat seeds only a few will germinate out of a hand full.    if anyone has advice please help thank you
I will post some pics later of me assembling it. The pit worked really well, and  held it's temp really good and to my surprise I only used one 40lb bag of hard wood coal. I was trying for a temp around 275 but the temp was around 300 to 350. I wanted to use a mop sauce but didn't for some reason as far as the the heat to meat. I dug about one cylinder block deep and then stack two cylinder high then I made come groves to place four re-bars to lay across the pit then I...
I wish I had more photos but my phone ran out of space,and i was so tired I went to bed at 11:40 the previous night and woke up about 2:30 am that morning to start prepping the hog and to light my fire so the coals would burn down by the time I was ready to put the hog on.I started at 4:00 am and finished about 10:30 am over all it took about 6 hrs to cook a 50-60 lbs hog.
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