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Posts by redneck69   these are great products!!!  they will help with long smokes so you don't have to add chips every 45 min to your MES
i use dry chips on my MES 40 or my AMPS which uses saw dust...normally you won't get a very "strong" smoke flavor with an electric smoker...if you can see thin blue smoke exiting your exhaust vent on the top of the are getting smoke to the meat...certain woods will produce a bit stronger flavor than others but it won't over power by any means..   hope this helps out
double check your probes with a boil test...also double check your chamber temp compared to your setting...some chunks of brisket and even pork shoulders have a mind of their own and can go thru one heck of a stall before they start to raise internal temp wise
by the way...very nice brisket and that is one cool looking multi purpose smoker
 i'll 2nd that
i have a BGE and have used it when it was zero outside with a wind chill of as an awesome hand warmer for some of the family members at the same time
190 is for sliced brisket, 205 is for pulled brisket...looks good to me
 this was awesome...great bold flavor with every bite...mmmmm pork fried rice...that sounds goodi have no complaints...the wifey loved hers
i need to stock up on more smoked cheese...the wifeys daughter demolished most of my last stock
that looks awesome!!
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