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that looks awesome!!
 i tested a few chunks of the meat and can't wait..thanks S2K9K
 thanks Disco
My wifey has been wanting some pulled chicken for a while, so i found an older email from Jeff about using thigh meat.    http://www.smoking-meat.com/may-9-2013-smoked-pulled-chicken   i didn't have time to brine, like Jeff did in his article.  We did a light coating of a batch of mixed dry rub we had left over, got the MES40 up to 240 degrees and used peach wood for the smoke....took a lil over an hour and a half to get to 170 internal temp. Placed the thighs in a...
this one will be very fun and there will be some very interesting entries...i'm in
it's a personal preference...some like fat cap side down to help as a heat barrier on hotter smokes...some like the fat cap up to baste as it renders down while smoking...i've tried it both ways on brisket and pork shoulders and really haven't noticed a difference
nice lil build...wish i could help out on your question...be patient and some one with a bit more experience should be on in a bit to help out
very nice!!! one hell of a smoke ring
i need to try some of these...my girlfriends daughter is a cheeseaholic....Great Post!!
stop by one of your local auto repair shops or a bulk oil supplier and see if they have any 80/90 wight drums that are empty..those are usually around 30 gallons
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