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We have several big sonic tanks at my work (used to clean mechanical shaft seals) and we use a product called micro-90. The stuff is really good, but also might be a bit overkill for everyday home use. It's not the cheapest stuff out there, but we get seals that have asphalt baked onto them for over a year and after a few hours in the sonic tank they come out looking brand new. And yes I have taken my BBQ grates in and dipped them in the tanks at work - usually only takes...
Woot! Even made the carousel.... lol.   Thanks all for the kind words only thing I would do different is find a bigger pan so I can make more! lol   Johnny
You can either wrap it in foil as others suggested or ride it out unwrapped, me personally I like to ride it out unwrapped for better bark. But I know I'm gonna be running for at least 12 hrs. sometimes as long as 18 depending on the piece of meat and what it's like inside. 95% of the time I'm right around the 12-14 hr. mark, but every once in a while I get one that goes longer.   Best of luck, hang in there!   Johnny
Keep your WSM and buy a vacuum sealer. Then do what I do - fill the WSM with meat once or twice a month, then once it's cooked vacuum seal it all in 1 lb. bags and toss them in the freezer. Then you using all the space in your WSM, but only have to fire it up once in a while when your freezer runs low, or you have a special party.
Yeah my goal was to go more for the flavors I would put on a pulled pork sandwich vs. the flavor of traditional nachos. Thus the BBQ sauce and pickles - it really did work quite well was like eating a cheesy open face pulled pork sandwich.
Totchos..... I like it, I'll have to remember that one... lol LOL.... were gonna be gone on vacation for a week so trying not to buy to many groceries. Thanks - yeah I have heard of poutine, but never had a chance to try it. Anything with gravy is bound to be good though! Thanks Al, I was actually wishing I had more after I finished off the plate... lol.
Was stumped on what to make for dinner - didn't want to make same old pulled pork sandwiches, so got a little creative.   The fix-ins: Sweet Baby Rays Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce, chopped up a red onion, some Famous Dave's Original spicy pickles, and grated some mozzarella and sharp white cheddar cheese.   The pork! Heated up 1 lb. of frozen vacuum sealed pulled pork I found in the back of the freezer.       I cooked up a bag of tater-tots (cooked them extra...
Yeah - I was thinking the same thing - about pre-smoking the meat. I don't think you would get much smoke flavor on the meat if you don't pre-smoke it a bit.
This is the smoke I did in my 22.5" WSM - fed about 80 people:
I usually offer to throw something on the smoker for them while I'm smoking my stuff - I just tell them to go buy it and season it then I'll toss it on while I'm working on my stuff. Needless to say nobody complains about my smoker.
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