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That sounds good. I haven't done a fatty like that, but I did do a stuffed pork loin with crawfish, rice, and cajun trinity last year. Seasoned it with aundouille sausage seasoning and it came out real nice. Merry Christmas to everyone
9 out of 10 here. Missed the charcoal ? I believe the question was flawed though since I don't think lump has coal in it but briquettes do (according to Kingsford.)
Here's a link for ya. I think everyone your talking about has posted in this thread
Glad to see SMF back up Thanks for the hard work guys.
"I've heard several references to Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning. Well it just so happens that Mr. Chachere has published a cookbook (Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook) copyright 1982. In his book right on page 3 he gives the recipe for his cajun seasoning: 20 oz box free flowing salt (Morton') 1 1/2 oz box ground black pepper 2 oz bottle ground red pepper 1 oz bottle pure garlic powder 1 oz bottle chili powder He says to "mix well and use like salt. When...
If I remember the Old Smoky electric smoker correctly, your problem is with the smoker. Seems like I remember another member having the same problem because the moisture doesn't escape the smoker and causes the rubs to drip off the meat.
I still come around and lurk . Always seem to miss the action though
I haven't been around enough lately to even know what is going on, but I know these two guys and agree with them 100% and look what the cat drug in
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