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Great Looking Build. You know you love your smoker when an anti theft device gets installed.   I would probably put that on milk carton if it went missing!   May I ask why the vent is only half way on the side vs going out the top? Also, what is the best way to cut a hole for exhaust so the tub and outside holes line up. Do you cut with the tub and instalaation installed?   Point to you sir!
Thanks for the quick response. Great looking build as this gives me inspiration. Points to you! How did you cut the end piece that got welded to the ends of the smoke chamber and fire box. Due to the thickness, I cant imagine cutting them by hand and getting them perfectly round???  Also wondering what you used to cut the door on the smoke chamber. Besides a welder and cut off wheel, any special tools you can recommend that?
I know this is a little older thread, but can anyone tell me what paint / coating is being used? Is it the same for the inside and outside? I see a lot of smokers that are painted on the inside including the grates it looks like. I thought paint on the inside was a NO NO??? If the inside is painted including the grates, but prevents this from flaking off on the food? Thanks, Meatsweats
Awesome Looking Build. Can you tell me where you got the 2 inlet tubes and the 5" threaded pipe for smoke stack. Were these items purchased or made yourself. I found places that sell the inlet tubes, but I am having a hard time paying $80 plus for a set. Also curious why you added the 1" couplers to the inside of the air inlet?   Also wondering if those caster wheels will get hot once it has a basket bull of charcoal?   Thanks,   MeatSweats
Holy Batman Shit......that's a good looking pie!   What are you using to cook those beauties? Crust looks awesome. Point to you sir!
Thanks for the awesome hints and tips guys. I did a test fry with the coarse ground and I liked that best, but the wife felt like she was going to bit into a piece of fat and would quit eating it then.  Maybe I'll try the medium ground next time. I like a little heat in mine so next batch is going to include a little red pepper flake.  Are people using Sea Salt or regular table salt? I'm wondering of how big of a difference this would make regarding saltines and even...
Good to know I wasn't doing it wrong.. Would I have just been able use the fine plate instead of grinding with coarse and then fine plate?  What's the advantage/ disadvantage to double grind?
Shout out to Pops6927 for this Breakfast Sausage bled.       Hy-Vee had pork butt's on sale for 99 cents per lb and I wanted to try out my new Kitchener grinder and Cabela's 5lb stuffer.   I searched this site and stumbled on Pops Country Style breakfast bled. I am always up for simple ingredients and this was perfect. I also bought a LEM brand breakfast seasoning pack for 5lbs and I would choose Pops blend over the store bought any day.   Was only allowed 3 butt's...
Great tutorial. Made these all the time when the wife was prego. I like to mix shredded crab with mayo and siracha. Cooked Shrimp and smoked salmon are also great substitutes for non raw sushi rolls. One thing I did learn from a friend, the pickled ginger is to eat before or after each piece to cleanse you palet. i used to put it on every piece, but I think it masks the flavor so I stopped. To each is own though. I've made these for a lot of people who turned their nose...
Great looking build. Do you have any info / pictures on your exhaust stack. I'm trying to come up with something for my build and striking out.
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