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Holy Batman Shit......that's a good looking pie!   What are you using to cook those beauties? Crust looks awesome. Point to you sir!
Thanks for the awesome hints and tips guys. I did a test fry with the coarse ground and I liked that best, but the wife felt like she was going to bit into a piece of fat and would quit eating it then.  Maybe I'll try the medium ground next time. I like a little heat in mine so next batch is going to include a little red pepper flake.  Are people using Sea Salt or regular table salt? I'm wondering of how big of a difference this would make regarding saltines and even...
Good to know I wasn't doing it wrong.. Would I have just been able use the fine plate instead of grinding with coarse and then fine plate?  What's the advantage/ disadvantage to double grind?
Shout out to Pops6927 for this Breakfast Sausage bled.       Hy-Vee had pork butt's on sale for 99 cents per lb and I wanted to try out my new Kitchener grinder and Cabela's 5lb stuffer.   I searched this site and stumbled on Pops Country Style breakfast bled. I am always up for simple ingredients and this was perfect. I also bought a LEM brand breakfast seasoning pack for 5lbs and I would choose Pops blend over the store bought any day.   Was only allowed 3 butt's...
Great tutorial. Made these all the time when the wife was prego. I like to mix shredded crab with mayo and siracha. Cooked Shrimp and smoked salmon are also great substitutes for non raw sushi rolls. One thing I did learn from a friend, the pickled ginger is to eat before or after each piece to cleanse you palet. i used to put it on every piece, but I think it masks the flavor so I stopped. To each is own though. I've made these for a lot of people who turned their nose...
Great looking build. Do you have any info / pictures on your exhaust stack. I'm trying to come up with something for my build and striking out.
I make ground beef jerky a lot using a jerky cannon and dehydrator. I use 90% or leaner beef. I've had great luck with the Nesco / Fleet Farm brand (Back Forty)  jerky seasoning following their spice/ meat ratio. I sprinkle the meat with the seasoning and mix by hand. Sometimes I'll add liquid smoke, but I have added water.   I usually let it sit 24 hours and it binds very well. I have an older dehydrator with 10 racks on it and the temp only goes to 140*. and it usually...
Maybe a dumb question maybe not.......Can you cold smoke salmon caught in Lake Michigan which are considered "fresh water" and would it be safe even if using cure?  I know you cant or at least shouldn't eat any fresh water fish raw for sushi, so I wasn't sure if cold smoking or curing would be any different. I have had hot smoked fresh water salmon which is great, but never heard or seen fresh water lox??
Holy Batman Sh*t! Points to you sir. I found your Philly Rub. Gonna have to give this one a whirl! 
This gave me a good laugh!!
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