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I live in the Twin Cities, MN. Sam's only carries choice by me. Choice Packer is $2.67/ lbs. Choice flat is $5.79/lb.    Had a friend check Costco and they carry Prime. Prime Packer at Costco was $6.00 / lbs 
 I would always buy the Nesco brand from Fleet Farm and now it's the Back Forty. Haven't noticed a difference in flavor between the 2. I'm pretty sure it's just a different name with the same recipe. I like the cracked pepper/ garlic. For 3 lbs of ground meat I will mix one hot and spicy with 2 packs of sweet hardwood. Great flavor with a kiss of heat.
First time doing brisket and I didn’t have 14 + hours to tend my smoker since I have a 1 year old and wife has another “bun in the oven”.    I got a the Anova Sous Vide machine for my birthday a few weeks ago and figured I’d give it a whirl. Did some research and this is what I came up with.   11 lb Choice Packer Brisket from Sams Club   I tried separating the point from the flat and F’d that up so I aborted that mission. Ended up taking off a 3inch chunk from the...
Good Looking fridge. Did you buy the pellet hopper separate or did you take it off an existing smoker?   1500W brinkman element was discontinued for a while on amazon. Looks like someone has stock and is selling them again. A little pricy but it's either this one or the universal with temp controller. or...
I have a old round Nesco dehydrator that came with 4 racks and I added 6 more. I can do 3lbs of jerky at a time. For whole meat, I marinate with cure added for 24 hrs, smoke for a few hours  and then put on dehydrator at 140 until it reaches the texture I want.   I also do ground meat and use a jerky gun. Mix seasoning and cure to meat and let it sit for 24 hrs. Use jerky gun making strips. Dehydrate at 140 degrees for usually 6-8 hours until it reaches the texture I...
  dirtsailor - Any chance you have the recipe for the coconut lemongrass jerky you were working on a while back? I'm in the mood to try something different.
I'm making these this weekend. Did you happen to find out how long it takes to reach an IT of 190 at 250 degrees. How were they??
Nice work on breaking in the new smoker. Point to you!
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