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Usda Food Temp Guildline

  • by DutchAdmin

Folks wanted a location in which to locate the USDA Food Temp Guildline so I have created this Wiki as a resource.   Thanks to bbally and the other members that posted links do the various USDA sites.       TEMPERATURE RULES! Food °F Ground Meat & Meat Mixtures Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb 160 Turkey, Chicken 165 Fresh Beef, Veal, Lamb Medium Rare 145 Medium 160 Well... read more

Lower Your Salt Intake

Describe 'Lower You  Pops6927 OTBS, SMF Premier Member, Resident Meathead, Trusted Authority   online Joined: July 2008 Location: Fort Worth, Tx. Post Count: 1,494 How many times have you heard this from articles, advice columns, your doctor or for doctor's advice for relatives or friends?  Pretty common, right?  Well, how many of us actually take this advice?   I didn't after my first stroke, not to the extent that I should have.  Come the second... read more

Risk Factors For Strokes

Describe 'Risk Factors For Strokes' here     n light of recent events I am compelled to post some things I have learned in my classes at HealthSouth Rehab Center I am taking while recovering from my second stroke.  A stroke is sudden when it strikes.  However, there is a long and progressive path prior to that strike that is entirely preventable.  It's called "Risk Factors".   Although I know this was not the primary reason for RonP's death, but his cause of death is listed as a stroke and needs to be addressed (there were other factors leading up to the stroke).... read more

Food Safety Low And Slow Discussion

Good info from our very own forum.  I made this a wiki because I got tired of digging through all the posts to find this one: read more


NSF was founded as the National Sanitation Foundation in 1944 to standardize sanitation and food safety at a time when the United States had no national sanitation standards. The three founders of NSF; Walter Snyder, Henry Vaughn, and Nathan Sinai, were two professors and a health department official from nearby Toledo, Ohio. These three men sought to develop standards for sanitation by reaching a consensus of the parties that had a stake in the outcome, namely the public, the business community, and government agencies. By involving all three, each could feel invested... read more › Articles