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How to Take Good Food Photos

Members are always encouraged to submit food photos to our monthly SMF Throwdowns, but some of you have asked for help in beating the competition. This article sets out to level the field by providing you with truly easy tips and tricks.   You don’t need fancy equipment -- it’s the photographer who takes a great picture, not the camera. Here are tried and true recommendations:     (1) Never use a flash.   Your typical digital camera’s flash function has one setting, which is not the one that works best for food photography. Most folks don’t own... read more

Recipe Posting Etiquette

To keep things simple, and to respect the great cooks that belong to this forum, there are a few basic guidelines you should follow when posting recipes.   1. As much as possible, post original recipes.  We all have the ability to search the internet for recipes, and copy/paste, but when one of our members shares a personal recipe they have worked hard to perfect, it's really something special.      2. Share as much Qview as possible.  This not only shows that you truly cooked your recipe, but it's also helpful to newbies to see exactly how things are... read more › Articles