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Butterflying A Pork Butt For Buckboard Bacon

Needed to make some more bucky and i remembered that someone wanted me to post how i butterfly my pork butt so here ya go.........   gotta have sharp tools.........i prefer the one on the right.   Butt rinsed and ready to work with................   I run the blade against the long side of the bone and work it up and over to the bump........notice the angle and that i never use more than "1 1/2  - "2 of the knife.   Then i work the knife on the other side of the bump and around to the bottom.     Then U free one side and work the knife against the... read more

Bearcarvers Smoked Bacon Step By Step With Qview

  • by DutchAdmin

I was going to put this in "Cold-Smoking", but my smoker temp got up over 100˚.     I checked on my Bacon supply a couple weeks ago. It looked like I had quite a bit left, but I decided not to take a chance of running out of Bacon before Tomato season ends. Got a fresh belly from one of my butchers, and began the process. Cut one 11 pound, 5 ounce belly into 6 smaller pieces, weighed each piece individually, and weighed out the right amount of Tender Quick for each piece. Rinsed each piece, dried them good with paper towels, and rubbed them good with 1/2 ounce (1... read more

Canadian Bacon Basic Technique

  Basic Dry Cured and Smoked Canadian Bacon:    The purpose of this thread is to provide those new to curing Canadian bacon with a basic procedure that they can follow with confidence and safety.  The information below while a good starting place, is not the only technique available.  It is one of the simplest techniques to use in my opinion.  Basic meat curing does not need be difficult as long as you follow some guidelines. Canadian bacon is among the easiest and is a great way to introduce you to the curing process.      Guideline one:  Measure with... read more › Articles