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How To Smoke Chicken Competition Style

This article has been re-printed here with permission from:   3Men With Nothing Better To Do   (I apologize about the different's weird because they all say that they are the same.  I've added some line-breaks in where they are appropriate, too.  Also, I've used the brine, and it is AWESOME! -- mythmaster)   Competition Chicken   Chicken is not a tough piece of meat and cooks in a fairly short period of time, so you don't have to worry so much about temperature spikes (for fear of burning the outside, and undercooking the inside) as one would... read more

How to season or cure your masterbuilt electric smoker.

Seasoning/Curing your smoker   All new smokers need to be "cured, seasoned or preseason” to ensure the removal or machine oils, dust, and other materials left over from the manufacturing process. This also helps in rust prevention. During manufacture, there are all sorts of petroleum oils and contaminants used that you really do not want to have in the smoker while cooking. Also this will remove any solvents that may be left in the paints used on your smoker. 1. Clean the inside of the smoker. Use a mild soap detergent and water to wipe down the inside. To... read more

Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Heating Element Upgrade How To

This is a step by step install or upgrade to the older MES 800 watt heating element to the new MES 1200 watt heating element. With little modification I was able to accomplish this. I am hoping this will fix the heat recovery time on the MES when the door is opened. Before doing this MOD i would suggest doing a wire upgrade. Masterbuilt is still using the 16 gauge wire on all there MES's so apparently there not to concerned with the old wiring problems they where having. The new 1200 watt heating element kit includes 2 replacement wire with connectors. It is very... read more

Uds Ugly Drum Smoker

A UDS aka Ugly Drum Smoker is a upright smoker that is made from a food grade 55 gallon steel drum. Components used to make one include 22.5" weber grates, 22.5" weber grill lid however some use the removable lid that some barrels come with. The most common form of firebox is expanded metal formed around a weber charcoal grill with 3" bolts to raise it from the bottom of the smoker. Other parts needed are ball valves assembled at the bottom of the barrel for air intake adjustments, thermometers for temperature observations and optional wheels for ease of movement. read more

Prague Powder #1 vs Prague Powder #2

Rick (NEPAS) posted this recently in another thread here.      CURES - Cures are used in sausage products for color and flavor development as well as retarding the development of bacteria in the low temperature environment of smoked meats. Salt and sugar both cure meat by osmosis. In addition to drawing the water from the food, they dehydrate and kill the bacteria that make food spoil. In general, though, use of the word "cure" refers to processing the meat with either sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate. The primary and most important reason to use cures is to... read more

Guide For Woods Used To Smoke Food

Here is a list that is not complete, but informative none the less. Courtesy of Dionysus.... Reference guide for Woods used to Smoke Food ACACIA - these trees are in the same family as mesquite. When burned in a smoker, acacia has a flavor similar to mesquite but not quite as heavy. Is a very hot burning wood. ALDER - Very delicate with a hint of sweetness. Good with fish, pork, poultry, and light-meat game birds. ALMOND - A sweet smoke flavor, light ash. Good with all meats. APPLE - Very mild with a subtle fruity flavor, slightly sweet. Good with... read more


I call it easy because it is quite easy and safe. When I first joined here I was interested in making sausage and bacon. Never made or attempted any before. I read and used the handy dandy search tool a lot. My first bacon was made using Bears step by step and turned out great. I used this recipe quite a few times...alway came out great.  He was very generous with his help. Pops6927 is a lifelong friend of mine and his family had a store and his Dads bacon,smoked hams and such were famous. Pops... read more

Minion Method Explained With Tutorial

As we've seen an influx in new members lately (Yeah!!) I've seen a few questions about the Minion Method and also building fires and maintaining temps. So while getting the WSM fired up this morning I thought I'd take a few or better pictures and jot down my thoughts on the subject. Below my tutorial is something I copied off another website (sorry forgot where) that I've included that also explains how the Minion Method got it's name and how it started. First, I start by using a high quality lump charcoal. Seven Oaks is my current fuel of choice. It's made... read more

Smoking A Brisket The Easy Way

A few weeks ago we had some friends over for a night of cards and dinner. Our dinner guests asked that I smoke some ribs for the occasion and, naturally, I agreed. Since this was a routine smoke I decided to forego the usual post here…Okay, my digital camera ran out of film. Would you believe that the finger I use for the camera work was broken? Fine…I was too lazy to document it and I was working in the woodshop while smoking the ribs and didn’t think about it! I’m so ashamed! Now that that’s out in the open…My dinner guest (who has asked to remain anonymous) asked... read more

Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Models

Model number brake down 20070810 = (20=Masterbuilt) – (07=electric smoker) – (08=version smoker of that year) – (10=year designed)   1st GEN (30 inch units) Exterior dimensions: 33.5"H x 20.3"W x 19.6"D. Interior dimensions: 34.4''H x 20.3''W x 12.7''D, 50 pounds ESQ30B older recalled, BLK door/no Win,* body, no adjustable damper, 650 Watt  HE, * WCT  ESQ30S older recalled, SS door/no Win, * body, no adjustable damper, 650 Watt HE, * WCT  BCESQ30B BLK door/no Win,* body, 650 watt HE, * WCT   70070106 * door/* Win,* body, 650 watt HE, no HE access door,... read more › Articles