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Smoked Octopus on Taro "toast" slices

I have a Cameron stovetop smoker which I utilize often in my Motorhome.   I went to Ranch Market and purchased a frozen octopus.  Thawed...rinsed...put in glass bowl...added coarse salt and massaged well for 5 minutes... this took slime off and tenderized the octopus.   I separated the tentacles from the body and put smoker on my gas range over the two back burners...added apple wood chips at edges of the smoker over the burners...turned gas on low...put tentacles and body into the smoker...set timer for one hour and enjoyed to aroma of the apple wood chips and the... read more

Follw-up to Smoke House Problems

As a reply to "Smoke House Problems" I stated:   "I was just speaking with a fireplace construction expert, and a food smoker himself, discussing my similar situation.  I have trouble getting my offset smoker to get up to cooking temps.   After looking at my design, he explained that I had too small of a flue which kept the heat and smoke from moving into and through the smoke box rapidly enough.   The ratio of the firebox opening to the flue size should be at least 10:1.  He explained that the smoke and heat can only get into the smoke box if it able to move from the... read more

Smoking Log Template

Over the years of grilling, barbequing and smoking I have often kept very rough notes of various details of my efforts for future reference (usually only the good results of course). However from Jeff Phillips’ excellent book Smoking Meat, I noted that he recommends Logging Your Smoking Sessions and that he has a template for his notes. In his book he did not give an example of his template so I went ahead and composed my own for my MES 40”. It seemed to do the trick for me and, importantly, provides me with histories of my failures (prompting me not to repeat them) as... read more

The Temperature Danger Zone and Smoking Turkeys over 14 Pounds

  The concept of the Food Temperature Danger Zone was introduced some 50 years ago. The Danger Zone is 40 to 140*F. The temp where Bacteria multiple unchecked and reach levels that can themselves cause illness if improperly cooked or produce huge quantities of Toxins that may not be destroyed by heat and can cause incurable paralysis or death. So keeping food below 40* or getting it above 140* and keeping it there becomes critical. As a general guideline we stress getting any meat we smoke above 140*F in 4 hours or less. This is not usually an issue with Intact Muscle... read more

New Nomenclature - Beef   This, being a PDF, doesn't allow me to reprint it, but just click on the link. read more

New Nomenclature - Pork This, being a PDF, doesn't allow me to reprint it, but just click on the link.   read more

Butterflying A Pork Butt For Buckboard Bacon

Needed to make some more bucky and i remembered that someone wanted me to post how i butterfly my pork butt so here ya go.........   gotta have sharp tools.........i prefer the one on the right.   Butt rinsed and ready to work with................   I run the blade against the long side of the bone and work it up and over to the bump........notice the angle and that i never use more than "1 1/2  - "2 of the knife.   Then i work the knife on the other side of the bump and around to the bottom.     Then U free one side and work the knife against the... read more

The Difference Between Kosher, Table and Sea Salts Home Recipes My Cookbook My Kitchen Gadgets How to Blog About   The Difference Between Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, & Table Salt?   5,585025 Secret ingredients. We all love them and we all want to be in the know. So I’ll let you in on a secret ingredient that professional chefs use all the time. Salt!  No, not just any salt. They know which salt to use to bring out the best in whatever dish they are creating. Chef’s also know how much salt to use in any given dish, and guess what? It’s a lot more than you likely use at... read more

Abt Recipes

Describe 'ABT Recipes' here, using the EDIT icon to add your favorite recipe. Please tell us how you prepared the mix, and include any pics if possible. Below are just some sample recipes.   Basic recipe: 30 or so Jalapenos 8oz Cream cheese 8oz Cheddar cheese Bacon bits or bacon slices (optional, but highly recommended)   Blend Cream and Cheddar cheese until the entire mixture has no chunks and is all cream cheese consistency. Cut and core your jalapenos to allow for stuffing, length wise or top off. Stuff with mixture. Smoke for around 2 hours at 200-250. Can... read more

Changing Colors of Meats

  Color of Fresh Meat: The Basics   The information from the above post was taken from the source below and is in the public domain:                 Posted on  23. September. 2009  by Chris Raines By Christopher R. Raines The color of fresh meat is considered one of the most influential factors related to fresh meat purchasing decisions.  To many consumers, it can be a troubling thing, to go to the self-serve retail meat case and see one steak that is a bright, cherry-red color (packaged on a tray and wrapped in film) and right beside it is a... read more › Articles