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Monosodium Glutamate(MSG)

nepas provided this very informative article about MSG.     Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Many People are concerned about the possible health impact of MSG, a widley used and safe food additive that is derived from a naturally occuring amino acid.  This fact sheet explains what MSG is, where it comes from, and who needs to limit MSG in their diet.   What is MSG? MSG is a food additive.  Its full name is monosodium glutamate and it comes from the amino acid glutamic acid.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein; our food and bodies contain protein... read more

Basics of Spices

nepas provided this very informative article about spices as written by Jay B. Wenther.       Introduction Spices have been around for ages and the history of spices is entwined with exploration, adventure, religious missions, commerce and conquest.  A majority of today’s poplar spices can be traced back to the East.  India, Southeast Asia, and China have given us anise, basil, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, garlic, ginger, mace, nutmeg, onions, pepper, tamarind, and turmeric.  Other spices such as bay leaf, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, fenugreek, rosemary,... read more

Dry Curing and Fermentation

nepas provided this very important and in depth information about dry curing and fermentation as written by Robert E. Rust         Historical Dry and semi-dry sausage represents one of the oldest forms of meat preservation. Without knowing why our ancestors found out several thousand years ago that salted meat, either in whole pieces or cut up and stuffed in animal casings, would keep for months under normal climatic conditions when properly dried. Certain areas of Europe, particulary Northern Italy, Switzerland, and Hungary, because of their ideal climatic... read more

Iridescence in Raw and Cooked Meats

  IRIDESCENCE IN RAW AND COOKED MEATS Erwin Waters Waters and Associates Boca Raton, Florida Iridescence in meats, specifically beef, can be detected in some of the muscle tissues of some animals before and after rigor mortis. It is most common in the muscles comprising the round, navel and brisket. The type of light and the angle of the light reflecting off the muscle will have an effect on the visual brightness of the various iridescent colors. The most common color is an iridescent green, with the... read more

Making Your Own Curing Salts

You can make your own curing salts instead of purchasing them  premixed.   You will need:         From:   read more

Hiding In Plain Sight

  Pops6927 OTBS, SMF Premier Member, Resident Meathead, Trusted Authority   online 4,569 Posts. Joined 7/2008 Location: Fort Worth, Tx. Points: 52 Select All Posts By This User Had a fellow smoker PM me about stuffing snack stix, wondered where I got my 3/8" stuffing tube from.  I did a search, checked a lot of the places, and could not find one.  Even called the F. Dick company directly; they did not offer one either.  Dadgumit!  If they didn't... read more

Health Benefits of Smoked Meats

  Questioning whether smoked meats are healthy or not, this was said:         By Trina Remedios   posted Aug 8th 2012 at 7:00AM IN | Avg Rating  HEALTHY LIVING         Smoked meat is gaining popularity in India, with an increase in brands and varied options at your local cold storage. Not only is smoked meat great for last-minute snack preparations, but it also serves as a great option for singles living in houses with minimal kitchen facilities. But the... read more

Knife Sharpening System

Rich Hansen posted on facebook about keeping his knives sharp, and I asked him what the tool beside them was:       Rich Hansen All my kitchen knives are shaving sharp for once.       I                         ..and I asked him what the tool was he used, and said it was Work Sharp WSKTS system, available on Amazon, Northern Tool, its own website,and several others at varying prices, but median price of $69.99.  Here's a description:     DESCRIPTION The Work Sharp WSKTS is an innovative abrasive belt... read more

Prague Powder #1 vs Prague Powder #2

Rick (NEPAS) posted this recently in another thread here.      CURES - Cures are used in sausage products for color and flavor development as well as retarding the development of bacteria in the low temperature environment of smoked meats. Salt and sugar both cure meat by osmosis. In addition to drawing the water from the food, they dehydrate and kill the bacteria that make food spoil. In general, though, use of the word "cure" refers to processing the meat with either sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate. The primary and most important reason to use cures is to... read more

Smoked Meat Logs - from   PDF files you can print multiples of, set up your own meat smoking logs and maintain great records!  A 3-hole punch and some cheap binders and you're on your way to the professional level of smoking! read more › Articles