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Ground Beef And Food Safety

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Ground Beef In A Tube

I am sure most of us has seen the tubes of ground beef in meat display cases - 1 lb, 3 lb. 5 lb. even 10 lb. with varying "grind mix" labels of 73/27, 80/20, 85/15, 93/07, etc.  What the heck are they?  Is it monkey meat?  Or garbage crap?  That often comes to mind to those that don't know.  But, I will explain!   I had the good fortune to go to Moyer Meat Processing Plant outside Pittsburgh to see all the meat operations performed, from standing cattle to finished cuts and ground meats.  I was a meat manager and our director took us all (about 60 of us) on a field... read more

ET 732 and MES30 Temp not the same?

While starting up my MES30 this morning to get up to Temp I used my ET 732 Temp Probe for the first time and noticed 20* degree swing in temp! Which should I believe? Going to Smoke a Pork Butt and want to maintain 230* degrees...................................   MES30 holding at 255* & ET732 holding at 275* for test purposes.   Thanks for any help.   Stoney read more

Canada Goose Jassen samen met elkaar

Canada goose montebello parka 70% weg van De noordelijke grens Encounter Mens Circadiaanse Paclite Coating is vaak een effectieve mannelijke beste vriend. Het element met betrekking tot rijden op een fiets door simpelweg betekent van zware problemen, uw drinkwater-bewijs sweatshirt kwaliteiten van een deksel dat kan worden gevuld in de ontvanger halsband of misschien aangebracht met behulp van een kap gezichtsbescherming Canada Goose Whistler Parka. Uw ademende bekleding kan meebewegen en zijn bijzonder bepaalde GoreTex zal zeker beschermen u tegen geen problemen om de... read more


The term, London Broil, is a method of cookery, not necessarily a specific cut.  it originally was a method of cookery for the Flank Steak; cooking it fast to medium rare, then sliced across the grain on a bias (slant).  But, over time, it got over-used in its description to include almost any cut ".....for London Broil".  Here is Wikipedia's definition:       But, any cut that is thick can be used; i.e. top round for London broil, bottom round for London broil, eye round for London Broil (split lengthwise), beef shoulder roast for London broil, arm shoulder... read more


                                                         The Spatchcock              So you never spatchcocked a bird? Don't worry, it's not what you think! Spatchcocking is a way of turning a hollow, bulky piece of meat (bird) into a compressed, flattened piece of meat. BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???  Easy..a bird is basically a bulky, empty cavity similar to this....                                                                       o   It cooks unevenly and takes a while to cook. If only the bird was more of a condensed this                        ... read more

Those Crusty Crustaceans BBQ

Succulent shrimp is a favorite on tables from the most expensive restaurant to the backyard BBQ. By far, these little creatures are the favorite of all the edible crustaceans. They come in a variety of sizes and are found wandering the bottoms of oceans and rivers worldwide.  There are just as many ways to cook shrimp as there are places to capture them in the wild. Before enjoying a plate of perfectly seasoned shrimp, you have to decide how you are going to cook them. That will determine how you will buy them. Shrimp comes headless and prepackaged in both raw and... read more

Pork Meat Selection And Processing

Parts of The Hog:         1 - Pork Shoulder 2 - Pork Whole Loin 3 - Pork Hind Leg 4 - Pork Belly and Ribs 5 - Pork Arm Shoulder 6 - Pork Jowl/Neck     A hog is pretty straightforward to cut up.  You can cut it up with a knife or knives, handsaw and a cleaver.  As you can see in the first graphic, the bone structure is like any other four legged animal.  Once you split the carcass along the center of the backbone:         That is my preferred way of splitting the hog, just a handsaw and a branch for a gambrel.    However, motorized technology... read more

A-MAZE-N Products Thanksgiving Contest

SWEEPSTAKES A-MAZE-N PRODUCTS Thanksgiving Contest OFFICIAL RULES   Sponsored by AMAZEN PRODUCTS (“Sponsors”).   NO ENTRY FEE.  NO PURCHASE OR OBLIGATION NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN.       1. Eligibility: The Back To School Oak Meadow  Contest(the “Sweepstakes”) is open to legal residents of the U.S. [and Canada] [(excluding New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico and Quebec)], eighteen (18) or older, as of the date of entry, who have an active e-mail account and Internet access as of the beginning of the Sweepstakes period. Entrants under the age of 18... read more

Cooking Log

From Tulsa Jeff:   TulsaJeff Self-proclaimed Fire Poker, Pitmaster, and Smoke Whisperer   offline 2,198 Posts. Joined 6/2005 Location: Sapulpa (Pretty Water), OK Points: 44 Select All Posts By This User I had someone ask about this so I decided to post it here. If you need it in the future, just do a search for "Cooking Log" and it should come right up.   It is attached to this post.     smoking-meat-log.pdf 77k .pdf file Jeff Phillips | Founder   read more › Articles