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Uds Ugly Drum Smoker

A UDS aka Ugly Drum Smoker is a upright smoker that is made from a food grade 55 gallon steel drum. Components used to make one include 22.5" weber grates, 22.5" weber grill lid however some use the removable lid that some barrels come with. The most common form of firebox is expanded metal formed around a weber charcoal grill with 3" bolts to raise it from the bottom of the smoker. Other parts needed are ball valves assembled at the bottom of the barrel for air intake adjustments, thermometers for temperature observations and optional wheels for ease of movement.

smoker layout.jpg


Comments (2)

How bout a photo of the inside of the smoker?
I'm curious as to why there is a water pan in a UDS. This is not needed IMHO....
SmokingMeatForums.com › Articles › Uds Ugly Drum Smoker