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Thin Blue Smoke

Here is a prime example of Thin Blue Smoke.....


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Great video loved the music
Thanks for sharing..Being a newbie ..That's exactly what I have done....Bellows of smoke.......Again thanks..
Interesting, Got lots to learn by X-Mas
learned the hard way started chasing the white smoke and tossed the first couple smokes in the garbage and that is what caused me to find this site alot has changed since then thank you
Not using a true smoker, but my old (1980) charcoal Atlanta StoveWorks grill lets me stoke the fire to one side for indirect heating and adjust vents for lower temps to smoke. I suspect I am using too many chunks of wood since I seem to be sending white "smoke signals" to my neighbors across town. Chunks are not placed on the Mesquite coals, just close by to get em smok'n. In your video, how much wood do you have going to fuel your smoke?
NOW I see!! I'm guilty of TOO much MASSIVE smoke.Another rookie mistake.THANKS
Wow! I can smell the greatness from here!
I've noticed the lighter smokes always tasted better. This reinforces the learning process
thanks...love that music! Mine the other day had too much smoke...but was that color!
SmokingMeatForums.com › Articles › Thin Blue Smoke