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My Copy Cat Of Zatarains Seasoning

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Here is a copycat recipe for zatirains seasoning

Ingredients table salt, 26 oz cayenne pepper, 5 tbs black pepper, 3 tbs onion powder, 3 tbs garlic powder, 3 tbs chili powder, 3 tbs thyme, 1 tbs sweet basil, 1 tbs bay leaf, 1 tbs grind all ingrediants except salt in food processor. Add the salt and mix well.

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How much table salt
I'm from Oregon and have never heard of Zatarains Seasoning, is this an allround spice mix for Chickenm pork, beef and fish etc? Could you give a short history of the spice mix?
3bears2...not sure if anyone answered you: Zatarain's is a commercial Cajun spice mix found here in the south. They have a full line of products for Cajun dishes.
Jeff, could you please clarify the table salt amount, is that to taste? and 26 ounces of cayenne? › Recipes › My Copy Cat Of Zatarains Seasoning