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Masterbuilt 40 Smoker Bigger Wood Chip Load

I bought my masterbuilt 40" smoker model-20070211 last week----from--Sam's

I call masterbuilt on Tuesday & told them if they had a bigger wood chip tray---they sent me a bigger wood chip tray free I got it today but not a bigger wood chip loader---when called they didn't have a bigger one does anybody know where to get the bigger wood chip loader--in wiki--under masterbuilt models---it has pics. of the bigger & smaller wood chip loader-----Thanks-----Ken

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I have the mes 40 also. Masterbuilt was great about sending me a new chip tray. But as far as I know there is not a Bigger chip loader, some of the people here are cutting the piece of metal out of the old chip loader so it will hold more Chips. The new chip tray works well but I cant get mine adjusted to where the chips dont catch fire and get lots of white smoke. I'm afraid of doing to much adjusting and breaking the small welds. All else fails I guess I'll have to get a Amazin smoker
Pawoodswalker- I got me masterbuilt 40" last week i called masterbuilt ask if there was bigger wood chip tray they yes & they would sent one out free of charge I got it on monday is about twice the size as the original one-Ken
Ken, have you solved your problem yet? They welded a blocking piece into the original
(large) chip loader to come up with what you have. If you remove the blocking piece it will be a full size loader. I posted a picture today showing the loader with the piece removed. Go to my profile and look at my recent posts about to retro-fit or not and you will see it. I used a dremel rotary tool with a fine cutting disc to carefully grind through the small spot welds to remove the blocker. It's not very difficult. PM me if you need more help.
Ken, one more thought. I re-read your message and noticed the part about the chips flaring up. Using larger chunks will pretty much solve your problems. I usually add just a very few chips to start smoking right away and then a couple of chunks or one or two large chunks for longer-lasting smoke without flare-up. You can get good smoke for about an hour this way.
Hope this helps.
Had the same problem with the 40' Masterbuilt propane smoker I recently purchased (flare ups). I bought a 36' piece of light gauge 1' aluminum angle from the local hardware store and cut 3 pieces app. 21/2' long and inserted them under the 'blocking piece', angle up which restricts the flame eliminating flare ups. I use chunks starting on the high setting just to get the wood smoking. I get better than 2 hours of smoke with a moderate amount of wood which is plenty of smoke for my taste..
Scratch the aluminum angle baffle idea...the aluminum melted during an all day pork butt cookin'. However, !/8 x 1" x 1" steel angle works great.
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