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Initial Greeting

If you haven't done so already, we invite you to post an initial message in the Roll Call forum and just tell us a little about yourself, what country, state/province you live in, what kind of smoker you use (or what you plan to use), whatever you feel comfortable sharing. This gives the other members a chance to welcome you and to get to know you a bit.

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This is something that should be post to every new member I had to do the search and find on my own and still doing so. Just seen a lot of use full information on this post
Second thought this should be a PM to all new members same as Jeff PM'S and welcomes new members.
Hi I'm from SW Ontario Canada. I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker with a Bradley smoke generator added on. The MB just ran too hot for me and by separating the heat and the smoke functions I am much happier. I like to do smoked cheeses. So far Gouda and Cheddar. Winter is the best time for this as heat is still a problem. Nothing as heart breaking as melted cheese all over the inside of the smoker. 
Hello everyone, my name is Beth and I live outside Boise, ID. I bought a Traeger in July and I've been experimenting successfully.  I've been reading about smoking cheeses and I think that will be my next endeavor.  I also bought Jeff's book on Amazon as an early Christmas gift to myself.  Looking forward to reading your tips and becoming a smoking master in time. 
Hello everyone, I am NDWeatherman and I received a Masterbuilt 30" smoker for Christmas.  Up until this point I have done all my smoking on an offset Brinkman smoker.  While I enjoyed years of use, it sure was difficult controlling the air on the Brinkman.  I ended up sticking foil in doors and holes and wherever I could find so I could control the temp better.  The food came out great but I can't say much about the quality of the smoker.  Tomorrow I will use the Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker for the first time and I can't wait.  I seasoned it today and was impressed how well it did (so far) on a 25 degree day in North Dakota.  It's memphis style ribs tomorrow!   I can't wait.
Hello fellow fans of the great smoking revolution. My wife and I run a small food truck in SW Ontario, Canada where we use a 680 Country pellet smoker on the truck and will be opening a BBQ restaurant very soon. I have followed the comments on this site for a few years now and learned a lot form the members here. I just wanted to say thanks and nice to meet you.
Hello, My name is Ron and I live just outside Kansas City, Mo.  I am fairly new to the smoking addiction (little over a year), and I am currently using a smoke hollow offset fire box smoker. I am really having a blast and learning so much, I hope to learn even more from you folks!
Keith here south central Ky., guess a novice here atm on smoking have done some in past but been a while now trying to gather equipment and put some of the livestock we raise in that smoker.   Here to learn and figure what is best for me and the family.
Thanks to all
Hi Carolina Table Salt here. We are a husband wife team that developed our seasoning by accident. We gave out a seasoning for wedding favors and it took off! We are in over 150 locations. WE ARE SELLING OUR CATERING / SAMPLING RIG! We are taking a different approach and no longer have the use we once did. 
Hi, I'm Sa, from Los Angeles. I love to cook, and I mentioned to my husband that I thought having a smoker would be fun, and low and behold he got me one for my birthday. He got me the Pit Barrel Cooker. My first attempt at smoking was on Oscar night, we had about 9 people over, so I thought I would load the thing up. I did a large side of pork ribs, a chicken, and a duck. I tea smoked all of these, and they all had a similar rub. The duck was amazing, ribs were good too, chicken was dry. everything was very smoky, too smoky really, except the duck, which I think due to the thick layer of fat, the meat was just right. I think I put it all in the smoker too soon, as the coals were just perfect about 5 hours later. 
I want to try doing white fish, or trout, hanging them whole. Anyone have experience with fish?
Hello,  Rob here.  Been smoking with a propane unit for more than a year.  Too small so I bought an MES.  Waiting for a PID temp controller and following all of the PID hack threads.  Love the looks of this one but can't find any more details:
hi there im getting into a new field  I love to cook lot of good stuff on this sight
New to smoking and real barbecue but not to grilling. I love learning from others and hope to contribute as well. Pulled pork/ pork butts are in my repertoire successfully, ready to move on to brisket and ribs!
Hi, my name is Tony and I am a 60 y.o from Australia. I am new to smoking and I am looking at building my own smoke house so I can get into pulled pork, bacon and salami
Hello from sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia...well, it WAS sunny today but only 22 deg F right now.  New to smokin'; started with a brinkman offset a couple of years ago, which was an excellent device for demanding attention to detail.  Decided to go electric this year and have smoked a couple of turkey breasts, pork loins and steaks -- REALLY enjoying this new toy, but still truly a novice.  Now, what am I going to smoke this weekend...
Hello, I am Michaela from Michigan and just got a char griller patio pro (1515) as a gift.  I am super excited as it is my very first grill and have read nothing but great things about it!  I did see in the reviews that it can be used as a smoker but no clue how to do it.  Any tips would be appreicated!
Hello All, I am  Tonessa from Islip, New York.  I love cooking and have always loved smoked foods.  Well when my husband got me a smoker for my birthday two years ago, I was in heaven.  I now have three!   I have a collection of all types of wood chips but have to say, that I do like fruit woods.   I have smoked everything from poutry, game meat to fish and shell fish.   Heck I even smoked enough food to feed our local police department.  I have always lurked in the background on this group reading your posts and have decided that I should join and not be just a sponge and give back what I have gotten.    It is good to be here.
Hi everyone, I think I should finally check in.  I've been getting great info from here over the past couple years.  I'm from Chicago and have 2 Masterbuilt 40" propane.  I just acquired the 2nd one from a work function auction for $70 brand new.  Im a huge fan of Jeffs rub and use it on almost everything.  Also Dutchs wicked baked beans are amazing.  My next item going into the smoker will be a 9lb pork butt for our 4th of July party.  This time I am going to try Jeffs finishing sauce.  Anyway, I'm glad to be here and thanks for all the great info!
​Bill75, Lawton, OK.  Hi everyone.  Pretty new to SMOKING, had a stick-burner, too much "​activity" involved for me, so purchased MBS 40", going to give it a try › Forum FAQs › Initial Greeting