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How I do Pork Butt...

Frostyballs 006.JPGFrostyballs cook 006.JPGDescribe 'How I do Pork Butt...' here...


I don't do a lot of prep. on my Butts ; my rub and Turbonato Sugar just before the insertion into the Smoker and leave the dood closed for the entire cook (i do  the one hr, then insert the Probe).


I feel my use of wood keps enough moisture and pressure on the meat to drive the smoke into the meat somewhat(that chemical reaction to protien) , by not opening the lid , besides lengthening the cook each time you open up the lid.


So, here are some ehots of my Frostyballs cook :


Frostyballs cook 003.JPG


Frostyballs cook 001.JPG



Frostyballs cook 002.JPG


Frostyballs cook 005.JPG


Frostyballs cook 004.JPG



Frostyballs 003.JPG


Frostyballs 007.JPG

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So simple,rub, place and cook ; lid shut all the time @ 1.5hrs.(est.)per pound. Loading the Smoker is a energy saving setp. The more bulk , as long as it has circulation room , helps hold heat and moisture as you Smoke.
i like the temp meters, and are jelous about the beard, great job!
you caught me on the Wife's siat,however , thanks for the Kudos and I'm just lazy and don't like to shave , look through my profile pics to see some styling of the beard...
I never open until near the end of time and temp. Always keep door closed.
I sometimes wonder if i don't have to much of a smoke flavor, because i use barbecue wood, yes perhaps get the right color , and then remove to electric smoker or oven.
Feilies , if you like Bark , leave them in for the entire cook...the reaction of heat/smoke and cologens slows as the IMT rises.Nice Smoke Ring and great taste, try Pork with Cherry wood...:)-
What temp do you go to for pulling the pork?
now who is going to eat all that meat,
Fielies, this cook was for a crowd of appox.300 people coming through and Noshing through the night .
I take my butts to above 200*f to be at a good pulling temp. , then store it if needed until re-heating. I use a slow cooker to re-heat most the time ; however after vacume bagging and freezing , I can place the bag in a pot of boiling water to heat back to temp.
I do a lot of these for the Family and friends , seems to be the Go-To meat for parties , I like that cause I can sit back and let the Smoker do the work...LOL
Have fun and PM me any time you wish...I'm sometimes a little slow in answering but will get back to you soon.
As always, have fun and Smoke Happy:)-
Oldschoolbbq, how in the heck do I get an invite to your house???????????
First , Fielies , 300 Iron Coffin M/C Club in Fostoria , oihO.;}-.....
Well, Kryinggame , where are you??? If you Know of Gibsonburg , oihO ; you can call and stop in anytime...I don't bite anymore , at 64 , I tend to talk to you till you get tired of it...;}-
I love company , especally on all-nighters.................:)- PM , me.
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