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Fattie Piston

The piston idea belongs to a talented smoker named Grillinski. He made one awhile back using a wooden disc and the shaft of an arrow.

I made mine using pvc......

For the stuffing I made some corned beef hash, by frying onions and garlic and potatoes then adding corned beef......then added cheese and minced jalapenos....

I used pvc for the whole piston... cut a pvc disc to fit the tube, attached a pvc cap to fit the palm of my hand.

I put my cooled corned beef stuffing into the tube and tamped it down...

After the cylinder was full, I wrapped it in plastic wrap and let it chill.

Onto the rolled out spicy sausage....

Wrapped in bacon and into my drum smoker for 4 hours...

I love the fatty piston. :)





The corned beef hash, bacon wrapped fatty....

Thanks for checking out my new toy. :)



The measurements for my piston...

Use food or water potable grade pvc...


The outer section of pvc is 2" in diameter and 8" long

The inner "piston" rod is 1" in diameter and 11" long


The cap for the palm of your hand is a 1 1/4" cap

I cut a piece of plastic to fit the inside diameter of the 2" section of pvc for the "plunger"




To make a fattie, I roll out 1LB of sausage inside  a one gallon plastic bag. The plastic bag is about 10" in length.... SO I only fill my fattie piston with about 6" of stuffing.... It seems to work out best that way, leaving room on the edges to fold the sausage around the stuffing while rolling up.


Feel free to contact me with any questions! 


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Great Post!!!! Once I get my smokepit up and running this will be the first thing I make. Thanks for posting
Great looking tool there! Where do you get food grade/potable water PVC from? I'm pretty lazy when it comes to making stuff so I just borrowed my wifes Cookie Dough press. Worked like a charm!
Nice write up. How did you attach the cap and the flat plunger piece to the 1" rod?
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